A New Set for Svengoolie!

10619996_1073356619346313_1232865560281233700_oPhoto courtesy of Jim Roche

Fans who tuned in for national TV horror host, Svengoolie’s, recent presentation of Frankenstein were given a special treat. Early in the program some glimpses of his brand new set was revealed and I think I speak for everyone when I say that it gets a big thumbs up!

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Terror Daves on the Road: Acme Design, Inc.


This year’s Daves’ get-together, though predominantly concerned with visiting zoos, also includes some visits to some great places showcasing our other love, horror and science fiction. Over a year ago Dave visited a place called ACME Design, Inc.,a company that specializes in re-creating some amazing horror and science fiction icons as well as designing and making the new coffin used my national horror host, Svengoolie (to see how this was made click HERE). To see Dave’s original post, please click HERE! Thanks to the hard work Dave put in scheduling our itinerary for this two-week trip, I was finally able to not only finally visit ACME Design myself, but I was also able to finally meet Elizabeth Haney, who not only works at this amazing place, but also took time out of her busy schedule to not only give me the grand tour (and it is very grand) but to also have lunch with us. I cannot thank her enough for her hospitality and kindness.

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Delving into the Dynamics of Svengoolie’s New Coffin!

1Photo by Jim Roche

By now most of us have had a chance to see national commercial TV horror host, Svengoolie’s, new coffin which debuted last Saturday on MeTV. My kids and I actually turned it into an event as we prepared snacks and camped out in front of the television set…not unlike when I was a kid and my mother brought my brother and I our glasses for his “Son of” 3D airing of Revenge of the Creature. My fellow Goolies and I kept in touch via Facebook; enjoying a cyber huddle before (and after) the big moment arrived. Indeed, the show had barely begun before Social media became flooded with viewer feedback and public reaction to the new coffin created by Acme Design.

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Svengoolie’s New Coffin Unveiled TONIGHT!

blur 5

After nearly a year since national horror host, Svengoolie, was presented with the prototype for his new coffin (seen HERE) the big night has finally arrived! During tonight’s presentation of The Mad Ghoul (check your local MeTV listings) Svengoolie will reveal the amazing creation of Ryan Guenther and Acme Design! And if you thiought the prototype was fantastic, you’re gonna love the finished product! Thanks to Sven’s assistant, Jim Roche, we’ll be posting detailed shots of it tomorrow (for the benefit of those who don’t get MeTV  and tune in tonight) while pointing out a few details some may have missed during the broadcast.

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2012 Miss Zombie and Svengoolie’s New Coffin: “Nightmare on Chicago Street” Finale!


Alex and I quickly navigated through crowds of monsters and maniacs as we made our way from Svengoolie’s signing to the The Nightmare on Chicago Street’s main stage. I’d forgotten my map but one needed only a pair of working ears to determine which way to go. Echoing throughout the event was the featured band, “Hairbanger’s Ball” performing 1980’s rock hits. It wasn’t long until I was reunited with my friends amid a cover of Warrant’s “Cherry Pie.”

A NEW Coffin for Horror Host, Svengoolie!


It’s after 1am and I’ve just returned from one VERY memorable evening. I attended Elgin, Illinois’ “Nightmare on Chicago Street” which I can say with 100% sincerity was the most satisfying Halloween season event I’ve attended to date! There will be MUCH more on that in future posts. Not only was the event loads of fun, it was downright historic for us Svengoolie fans. After 40 plus years, and a Rich Koz make-over, the original Svengoolie coffin is going into a much-deserved retirement. TONIGHT its successor was finally revealed…

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