PIRANHA 3DD – Did we really need this sequel?


First off, let me say that I am a big fan of not only the original PIRANHA movie from 1978 but also the 2010 remake. The 2010 version has a lot going for it including a likeable cast, over the top gore effects and some pretty cool 3D. Unfortunately the sequel offers none of this.

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Can this PLEASE Be the Final, Final Destination?


It was a mostly teenaged/young adult crowd that joined me for a viewing of FINAL DESTINATION 5 on its opening day. I popped on my 3D glasses and prepared myself for the “ride” that is guaranteed whenever one sees a FINAL DESTINATION film. Before I begin on my take of the movie, lets address the “3D” aspect. Its a common feature these days and with varied results; In most cases its unnecessary, in some cases disastrous (CLASH OF THE TITANS), while effective in a clever few (PIRANHA & MY BLOODY VALENTINE remakes). Horror films, by their very nature, should be ideal for this medium. The whole idea of something coming at you and causing you to jump is all part of their standard operating procedure anyway and 3D simply gives it extra punch. I did not feel, however, that it made a huge difference in this one.

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