Ursula Bielski & the Ghosts of Lincoln Park Zoo


On the evening of  October 16th I changed out of my work clothes and headed up to the city to experience my very first ghost tour. Many of my friends have done these type of things here in Chicago and I know most major cities offer them during the Halloween season. The Windy City’s past is loaded with gangland violence from the days of Al Capone and Prohibition while also boasting one of the country’s first documented serial killers. Mild-mannered Dr. H. H. Holmes would lure visitors of Chicago’s World Columbian Exposition in 1893 to his hotel (later dubbed a “Murder Castle”) for the sole purpose of killing them. In the end he’d confess to twenty-seven slayings, though historians believe that number to be much closer to two hundred.

Such a violent past can not leave any metropolis without its fair share of  myths and legends, and tonight I would learn that one of Chicago’s major attractions, The Lincoln Park Zoo, was resting on secrets of its own.

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13 Werewolf Movies worth Howling For!

I have always loved werewolf films, perhaps even more than vampire films. There is just something about a creature that completely transforms from human to beast and then tears its victims to pieces. The problem with werewolf films is that in my experience, they are either really good or they just suck. Here I present to you a variety of werewolf films to satisfy anyone’s shape-shifting needs.

To me, there are two types of lycanthropic films; the werewolf and the wolfman. Werewolf films feature monsters that look nothing like their human counterparts whereas wolfmen retain some of the characteristics of the human form and in most cases. still, wear clothes that were worn before the transformation. This blog is about werewolves.


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“The Conjuring” Summons the Scares!


Terror from Beyond the Daves is pleased to welcome guest writer, Elizabeth Ocon!

If a spirit asked you to give it permission to inhabit a creepy old doll of yours, would you say yes?

If you heard furiously loud pounding on your front door in the middle of the night after getting rid of that creepy old possessed doll, would you get up and open the door without checking the peephole?

The new James Wan film The Conjuring doesn’t waste any time getting to the scary stuff. The opening shot of a doll’s eye leads us into the history of a haunted doll called Annabelle that will appear to great effect later in the film. It also introduces the secondary main characters, Ed and Lorraine Warren (played by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga). This isn’t your typical haunted house story; it focuses on the investigators as well as the victims of the haunting.

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THE EVIL DEAD thrill the Living!

EVIL DEADI’m interrupting my Horrorhound Weekend diaries with a review of what has to be the most anticipated horror film of 2013 thus far! Yes, I’m referring to none other than…The Evil Dead remake! Throughout this past week one could hardly navigate their Facebook feeds without being inundated with numerous posts and poster shots of this long-awaited film (or maybe I just “friended” one too many horror fans)! This naturally begs the question; was it worth all of the hype or yet another source of horror fan frustration?

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Big ’80’s Supernatural Movies Podcast!


It’s another Terror on Tequila pod-cast show featuring Terror Dave and Jason! Today we’ll be taking a totally awesome trip back in time to the 1980’s; a vanguard decade for horror movies! Looking back at old pictures with hair that defied gravity along with the over the top accessories and spandex, folks looked anything but natural! So please join us today as we explore the “out of this world” side of this period during our Big ’80s Supernatural Show!

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