Stand By Your Mothman: the Museum in Point Pleasant!

After leaving Braxton County West Virginia and checking out their tributes to the Flatwoods Monster, we headed further south to the Mothman Museum in Point Pleasant. I’ve been wanting to see this place ever since Brian Maze from Maze Studio shared his experience with this site back in 2011. It’s dedicated to a large, winged creature many claimed to have witnessed back in 1966-67. Though these sightings have never been sufficiently explained, they preceded the collapse of the Silver Bridge  – a giant suspension bridge that joined West Virginia with Ohio. It would be years later when a connection would be suggested of the two; most notably illustrated in the 2002 thriller starring Richard Gere and Laura Linney – The Mothman Prophecies. This museum offers props and memorabilia from this film along with just about everything else associated with the creature. Though my experience will be documented in greater detail in my WEIRD USA column for Scary Monsters Magazine #111, here are some visual highlights to tide you over…

It was a two-hour drive from Flatwoods to Point Pleasant and, despite the delay of Spring, a scenic one. Soon after arriving, we parked in a nearby lot, overshadowed by a large mural dedicated to the city’s history. Looming above was a not so subtle tribute to their most famous resident(s) signaling we’d come to the right place! As we made our way to the building we passed the infamous Mothman statue Brian shared. Not to get too “cheeky” but this monster’s got quite the booty! In fact, it’s about the buffest monster I’ve ever seen (not to mention a hairy chest).

Once inside, you’re treated to a large gift shop that carries everything you could possibly want for that special “crypto fan who has everything” in your life. The store is free with admission to see the museum’s artifacts sold at the register.

I was expecting some “hole in the wall” and was surprised by how big the place was and how much it offered. I especially loved their life-like Mothman props – perfect for selfies and social media.

As mentioned, there were a lot of items seen in The Mothman Prophecies. Though the movie is based on a book written by an expert, it takes quite a few liberties with its source material. In fact, I recently re-watched the film and must admit I’m no fan. I find it dull, dreary, and far from worthy of its subject matter.

Here’s a small sample of some of the other Mothman artifacts the Museum features…

After leaving the Museum we stopped off to see the Silver Bridge Memorial.

As we were making our way over the Ohio River and back home, it really hit me how horrific that event must have been. Was the Mothman bringing a warning of impending disaster? We’ll never know for sure. Only one thing’s certain and that’s if any Mothmen are spotted here in the Windy City, I’m staying the hell away from the Chicago Bridge!



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