Higby & Snyder’s “Pizza Man” Delivers!

I enjoy a fun horror novel and am a lifelong fan of comic books. So when I received a copy of  Pizza Man: Or, the Pizza That Crawled Out of My A-Hole by Bryan Higby and Rick Snyder I was pleasantly surprised. The narrative was so vibrant, it’s about the closest you’ll get to a comic book without any visuals. If you’re looking for a story that never takes itself too seriously and maintains a consistent level of adult humor than this is page turner is for you.

Imagine of underneath your own town was a cesspool of evil plotting to kill you in the most prolific way possible – through your pizza!  Two roommates who share of love of comics find themselves in just such a scenario when Lilith, queen of the underworld, does just that.

The story leads the two to a variety of scenarios and colorful characters including one who’s taken his love of comics to the next level by fashioning himself a costumed hero, himself. The results are often hilarious and made for a fun weekend during a chilly Chicago weekend!

Be advised that the language and situations are adult oriented and this is not recommended for younger, more sensitive readers. Also, judging by the full title of this book, it ain’t for the squeamish either.  Order yourself a slice of Pizza Man today! It’ll come with extra “cheese” and you won’t have to tip the delivery person.



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