Brace yourself, Chicago…C2E2 is Here!

C2E2 (Chicago Comics Entertainment Expo) reminds me of how Christmas felt back when I was a kid (and Halloween is now). You start preparing a full month in advance as the excitement builds to the big day. Or, in this case, a full weekend.  This year I’ll be attending all three days which is a first for me. As usual,  covering national horror host, Svengoolie, remains priority #1 and he’ll be there an extra day as well – signing autographs on Friday afternoon in addition to Saturday. Another C2E2 first is his participation in a “Svengoolie Spotlight” panel Saturday too. Sven and his Producer, Jim Roche, are graciously allowing me to hang with the crew at this event as with past years. I’m far from worthy but truly appreciate it.

Joining me this weekend are three of my four kids who will be covering other aspects of the show during my time with Sven. It’s a “divide/conquer” strategy that worked well for us at Days of the Dead and hopefully C2E2 as well. We’ll all be armed with Canon SLR cameras which to ensure lots more cosplay photos – something C2E2 is known for.

Before Svengoolie shows up today, I’m looking to meet Dave Bautista, Sean Gunn, and Alan Tudyk and have carefully packed up a few Steelbooks along for signing. I actually finished a big article on my Steelbook/Blu-ray collecting a couple weeks ago but have sitting on it to accommodate the Pittsburgh trip and this event. I’m hoping to get my Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Steelbook signed by Bautista & Gunn, my KIMCHIDVD Steelbook Blu-ray set of Rogue One & Tucker and Dale vs Evil by Alan Tudyk, and my Netflix Daredevil Season 1 & 2 by Charlie Cox on Sunday. It’s definitely a MARVEL weekend for us and, since I’ve already secured our tickets for the premiere of Infinity War, the perfect pep rally!

Hoping to get this “Rogue One” import signed by Tudyk

Also awaiting Alan Tudyk’s signature…

As for merchandise, my goals aren’t quite so lofty. I’m just looking for patches to have sewn on a Marvel-style field bag I’m working on. I collect patches and have used them to create themed shoulder bags (thank God my daughter, Jade, can sew) for just about all my interests – zoos, Cryptozoology, UFO’s, and Horror. Somehow I don’t have a superhero one for C2E2 so that process begins this weekend.

Alrighty, we’re packed with snacks and ready to head over to McCormick Place for a slice of Nerd Heaven! Next post, we’ll see how many of my goals are accomplished.  Until then…

Merry Christmas, Chicago!


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