The AMAZING Cosplay of C2E2 2017!

My coverage of the 2017 Chicago Comics & Entertainment Expo (C2E2) concludes with one of my favorite aspects it – the fans themselves! Special thanks to my daughter, Jade Fuentes, Leila Celio, and Rosana Celio Durcan for helping fill this post with as much cosplay as I could! And now, without further adieu…

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Hanging with Svengoolie & Crew at C2E2!

As soon as I arrived for Day Two of the Chicago Comics & Entertainment Expo (C2E2), I made a mad dash to the autograph section while dodging hundreds of attendees. National MeTV horror host, Svengoolie, was signing at Table #25 and, per his producer/assistant Jim Roche, I was to meet the crew just prior to his 11 am appearance. Seconds after reaching the spot, I got swept up by the host’s television crew who’d been right behind me. For the last five years, I’ve been one of the luckiest Svengoolie fans around. Despite his growing popularity and adding a bevy of celebrity admirers to his fan base each year, he and his talented team have always been very gracious to us Daves and allowing close access to many of his key appearances. I get to play Jimmy Olsen to his Superman while offering some assistance whenever needed. C2E2 is one of those “all hands on deck” type of events where this often comes into play. Svengoolie always commands a huge line of fans but, at this convention, it would continuously grow the entire weekend if given the chance. While his Director, Chris Faulkner, and assistant director, Kevin Reisberg, are out gathering footage for the show, Jim has the arduous task of maintaining the crowd without being distracted. So it’s the perfect trade-off, I offer an extra set of hands and, in turn, get front row coverage of the host. It probably also helps that I’m built like a bar bouncer and can offer an air of “protection” should things get rowdy though, thankfully, that’s never happened at any of the Svengoolie appearances I’ve ever attended (and, for the record, this one was #76).

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Superheroes and Villains Storm the Windy City’s C2E2!

My family and I can literally feel the energy of the Chicago Comics & Entertainment Expo (C2E2) for a full month before it finally begins. The annual event sees fans from virtually all walks of geek-dom gather (and fill) the city’s enormous McCormick Place to celebrate their varying interests. Whether that may be STAR WARS, Dr. WHO, superheroes, Anime, horror, science fiction, Godzilla (or in my case, pretty much “all of the above”) you’re guaranteed to love this event! We’ve been attending for the last several years and each one is more enjoyable than the one before with 2017 no exception.

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A Fan-Filled Friday at C2E2 (Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo)!


This year the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (C2E2) arrived a month early but, so far as we fans were concerned, not a moment too soon! In my humble opinion, this is the best comic fan expo the Windy City has to offer and one that my entire family pines for. That’s not surprising as it caters to all facets of fandom; comics, horror, science fiction, and so much more! It also attracts some amazing cosplay and I was so happy that my daughter, Jade, was there all weekend to assist with picture taking. Despite thousands of people showing up, it’s organized so well that it runs like a well-oiled machine which means less griping and more shopping. In previous years I’ve always attended Saturdays only but 2016 would have me showing up on it’s opening Friday evening. Ideally, you should devote multiple days to C2E2 as each day has its pros and cons (which I’ll delve more into later). I wasn’t sure what to expect when we arrived at the McCormick Place at 3:30pm and eagerly made our way inside.

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