The Terror Daves visit Svengoolie at the Studio Part 2!


Dave: Doug Scharf (a.k.a. Doug Graves) arrived at the studio and this was a big deal to me. I’d watched him accompany Svengoolie during his musical numbers since I was eight years old as well as participate in various skits and viewer mail segments. He settled in and I was particularly happy to see that he’d brought his horn with him which meant I’d get to see him play two instruments for two different numbers! As soon as he arrived, he and Sven hunkered down Sven to discuss their segments.




David: Like Dave, I have always been a fan of the parody songs, which always tied into the week’s movie. Since Doug has been a staple of the show since the beginning, we were both looking forward to not only meeting him, but seeing them record live. The audio track for the keyboard was a pre-record but the trumpet performance was live, and very cool to watch.






David: As the bits were set up everyone was joking with each other and you really knew you were part of something special. We were on the edges of our seats all day and though we were there for four hours, it flew by like it was only 20 minutes.

Dave: After it was over we all posed for pictures. I told Doug I was a huge fan of his but he didn’t believe me when I said I’d been one since I was eight years old. “You were eight years old in 1979???” he asked incredulously. I’d been hearing stories that my goatee was making me look a lot older and this was proof! Needless to say, I shaved it off that night! (I swear I’m 44 years old!)


We said our goodbyes and then headed back to the parking garage while discussing how incredible the whole experience had been. It was now time to start the actual “road trip” portion of our vacation and embark for St. Louis. The very next morning, we’d see something so cool, we could hardly believe our EYEs.

Coming Up…The Giant Eyeball of St. Louis!

The Terror Daves~


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