Book Review: You Won’t Believe Your Eyes

There are so many movie guides out there today that it is really difficult at times to choose which ones we should buy. They range in quality from very good (like Bill Warren’s “Keep Watching The Skies“) to dreadful (like Rob Craig’s “It Came From 1957“) but at least one thing can be said, movies from the 1950’s are getting more coverage than ever. When it comes to movies, my favorites all came from the 1950’s. No other time period has been more prolific when it comes to monster and science fictions films. Though many of these films are now considered classics, there were many stinkers as well. At least most of these stinkers have their own charm and are still fun to watch even today. The book I am reviewing today, “You Won’t Believe Your Eyes: A  Front Row Look at the Sci-Fi/Horror Films of the 1950s“, by Mark Thomas McGee and R.J. Robertson, covers these movies in a way not really seen before, which is why I highly recommend it.


McGee and Robertson grew up in the 50’s so they were fortunate enough to have been able to experience many of these films as they should be, on the big screen. In some instances the authors share what it was like to see these films, as kids, for the first time and then describe what it was like, many years later as adults, to see them again.


The authors then take it one step further. Through interviews with the makers of these films, as well as with many of the actors and actresses, they are able to paint a picture of what it was like working on these films. Everything from how rushed to be made many of these films were to on set romances and feuds are covered. It is these stories, and the experiences of the authors themselves, that set this guide apart from most others.


This is not a huge book, clocking in at 267 pages, but it is chock full of fun and useful information. Basic plot lines are included and in most cases the authors point out if the movie is good or not (but then again, even the worst of what the 50’s had to offer is fun to watch). It is also full of great photos, some I had never seen before, adding to the overall enjoyment of this book. You can order your own copy online by going HERE. It retails for less than $20 and the Kindle edition is less than $10 so it is a bargain regardless of how you get it. This is a really nice book and a must have addition to your science fiction movie library!

~David Albaugh

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