2013 Horrorhound Weekend Pt. 6: Why you should never try and sell Michael Madsen a pair of Sunglasses!


The big celebrity draw at this year’s Horrorhound Weekend were cast members of AMC’s hit show, The Walking Dead. As this program is currently a hot topic for both traditional and non-traditional horror fans alike, it was no wonder the convention had such a gigantic turn-out. It also explained why a lot of guests wore vests with angel wings (showing their support for Norman Reedus’ Daryl Dixon) as well as a few less rebellious fans opting for the sheriff’s deputy uniform of Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln).

Daryl-Dixon-the-walking-dead-Norman Reedus; the unofficial STAR of Horrorhound Weekend

As much as I enjoy the series, I had no ambition to meet these folks as it not only would have taken up my entire weekend standing in their lines, I’d of also needed to obtain a small loan to pay for those encounters! It was reported that many of them were charging upwards of $40 a signature so I thought it best to wait another ten years when they’re all has-beens and prepared to drop their prices to the traditional twenty.

Another big draw was the legendary John Carpenter whom I’d already met twice and that was enough for me (see story HERE).

92View of Carpenter’s line from above

Unfortunately, the two celebrities I really wanted to meet were Virginia Madsen and Karen Black who both ended up cancelling. Though uninspired with the final guest list, I would not be prevented from entering the autograph room. Aside from participating in the Horror Host Hall of Fame, I was still left with the mission of obtaining an autograph for my friend, Richard Braden. Since the beginning, Richard has been a huge help to this site by handling many of our technical issues. As he’s a teenager who lives in Pennsylvania, Richard doesn’t often have access to the number of shows we did. Consequently, David and I always purchased an autograph for him of his choice at any convention we’d attend. Now being the lone Terror Dave, this is a tradition that I now carry alone.

Thankfully Richard didn’t request John Carpenter nor any of The Walking Dead folks and chose Michael Madsen instead. As this is one young horror fan that knows what he likes, he also specifically asked that I have him sign a still from Reservoir Dogs. Madsen’s autograph line was manageable and as I got near him, I noticed the man in front of me was carting along a wheeled suitcase loaded with rolled up posters and memorabilia. When it was his turn to meet Madsen, he pulled out an 8×10 shot of the actor with Bruce Willis from Sin City which, surprisingly, had already been signed by the elusive Willis.

005SCT_Michael_Madsen_002Michael Madsen & Bruce Willis – Sin City

Even Madsen was shocked at Willis’ signature, turning to the gentlemen and asking, “How the hell did you get him to sign this!?” I’m not sure where Madsen currently resides these days but his scratchy, “wiseguy” voice immediately proved he’d never completely left his native Chicago.
Apparently this hardcore (and obviously rich) autograph enthusiast actually tracked Willis on the set of a movie to get this signed. “Did he talk any sh*t about me?” Madsen asked. The man was taken aback and said, “Uh…no, he didn’t.”
“He better not!” laughed Madsen. “Or I’ll go and kick his ass!” After Madsen signed the photo, the same gentlemen pulled out something even more impressive.
He unrolled a non-movie specific James Bond poster intent on having every person ever affiliated with one of Bond’s twenty-three films sign it, By the looks of it, I’d say he was well on his way to succeeding! Madsen had played NSA Chief, Damien Falco, in Die Another Day and ogled the poster before adding his seal.
The final item the man had Madsen sign was a pair of sunglasses. This is an accessory often linked to the actor, particularly for his role in Resevoir Dogs. Before leaving, the gentleman pulled out an additional pair and asked if Madsen wanted them. Somehow that got miscontrued as him trying to sell them to the actor for which he replied, “Do I wanna buy sunglasses??? Hell no, I don’t wanna buy sunglasses! They ought to be giving me a lifetime supply of those damn things!” He turns to face me, “Do I wanna buy sunglasses? Do you believe this guy!?”
And that was how my meeting with Michael Madsen began.
In truth, he was a really nice guy. I talked about how I came from Chicago too and he said, “There ain’t no place like Chicago” (with the accent pronouncing it as Chi-cah-go). I was going to bring up how disappointed I was that his sister, Virginia, hadn’t made it to the event but if there’s one thing I’ve learned from my Windy City, it’s that you don’t go bringing up a tough guy’s sister without possibly paying a price for it. I had him sign Richard’s photo as well as one for myself.
My choice was a still from one of my all-time favorite movies, Kill Bill (both Volumes 1 & 2). Madsen played “Budd” who’d join up with Bill’s Deadly Viper Assination Squad to extol some unpleasant personal business on Uma Thurman’s unnamed character.
Madsen was a lot of fun and very pleasant to his fans (provided you aren’t trying to sell him sunglasses). He would not, however, be the only rugged celebrity I’d encounter this day.
Coming up Next….Robert Patrick wants to know ALL about you!
Dave Fuentes~

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