What’s your Point of View on “Found Footage” Films Podcast!


Ever since THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT, films featuring “lost footage” have been inundating audiences faster than you can say PARANORMAL ACTIVITY! Is this an effective horror genre or yet another example of Hollywood beating a dead horse? Find out in our next Terror on Tequila podcast dedicated to shedding light on the realities of “reality” films!


Helping us make it through these POV movies without suffering from motion sickness, is Jason Lucas and his PVO…that is Potent Seagrams VO whiskey with cola (shaken like a camcorder but never stirred) as well as his infamous, alcohol-laden jello jigglers! Jason will share his insights on the aforementioned films while Terror Dave sheds light on the Godzilla/CLOVERFIELD connection! Grab your Dramamine and join us by clicking on the link below…


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Dave Fuentes/Jason Lucas~

2 thoughts on “What’s your Point of View on “Found Footage” Films Podcast!

  1. Another great episode, guys. Ironically my least favorite horror subgenre is the subject of one of the best episodes of Terror on Tequila. I particularly liked your discussion of Cloverfield as it relates to the original Gojira.

    • I appreciate your feedback and I’m just plain worn out from this film technique. It can be effective when done correctly but, at this point, it’s just overkill. I can honestly say I will never sit through another PARANORMAL ACTIVITY film again no matter how many more come out.

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