It’s another edition of our podcast “Terror on Tequila” and we’re gonna cut right to the HEART of holiday slashers with our special BLOODY VALENTINE SHOW! Bartender, Jason Lucas, whips up some special Valentine Vodka with cranberries while joining Terror Dave Fuentes in a discussion revolving around February 14th Frights! You’re guaranteed to fall in love with our banter on MY BLOODY VALENTINE (1981), MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3D (2009), and VALENTINE (2001)!


2Order a pizza…fix yourself a cocktail…and check out our podcast!

Just CLICK the Link below to listen or download to your Mp3!


To comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable…it’s TERROR ON TEQUILA!

Dave Fuentes & Jason Lucas~

2 thoughts on “MY BLOODY VALENTINE…with Vodka!

  1. Great episode! I really like both of the My Bloody Valentine movies (I also had a great time seeing the remake in theaters in glorious, gory 3D!), but I hadn’t realized there was a partially restored version of the original available. I’ll definitely be checking that one out. Haven’t seen the other movie you reviewed, and it sounds like I don’t have to.

    • Thanks Patrick! Definitely check out that semi-restored version and tell us what you think. BTW you guys will be getting a shout out in our next “Big ’80s Supernatural Show!”

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