A Celebrity “Get Well” card for Rich Koz Svengoolie!


Terror from Beyond the Daves would like to extend a very special “Get Well” card to our dear friend, Rich Koz/Svengoolie. Svengoolie is well loved and respected; not just by us Daves and horror fans, but by a WIDE range of broadcasting professionals, TV historians, and a few notable celebrities as well. This has been especially true now that he’s gone national and caught the attention of such genre legends as Mark Hamill and Robert Englund!

8044485236_6b385d1f17_oMark Hamill proves Svengoolie is “Force” to be reckoned with!

As a special Thanksgiving card to the Horror Host we’re the most grateful for (after all we Daves would never have met if not for him) we thought we’d share some well wishes from a few special people. This is an effort for us to give Rich a big smile, just as he’s done for us via his amazing work all these years!


This will also mark the LAST time we’ll be discussing things like “cardiac event,” heart attack,” or “recovery” in reference to Sven in this blog. I meant what I said in my last post; Svengoolie will not only be returning, he will be back stronger than ever. That was not me weaving flower necklaces, being an optimistic “Pollyanna,” using The Secret, nor being just plain delusional! This is absolutely the way it’s going to be and I’m making a special point of getting some rest this holiday season before covering what will, not doubt, be the most prolific Svengoolie year to date!

Now, while we Daves rest up, we’d like to wish ALL of our readers a HAPPY THANKSGIVING and we’ll see YOU at the next Svengoolie appearance!


Best Witches for a full and speedy recovery to my fiend & fellow horror host, Svengoolie!  XX  Elvira: Mistress of the Dark


Svengoolie, both myself and dad (Vincent Price) from beyond the grave, hopes you get well SOON! It was absolutely wonderful meeting you last year and I am keeping positive thoughts for a speedy recovery so you can continue the tradition of keeping horror alive in Chicago! Be well and I look forward to seeing you again! Victoria Price


Al_Dennis_SvenDennis Druktenis

RICH GET WELL SOON!  You are a Horror Host Legend and people around the country have finally found out about you! You are the SCARY ONE! Thanks for everything! Dennis Druktenis: Publisher and Editor-In-Chief SCARY MONSTERS MAGAZINE


Svengoolie – I remember meeting you and thinking that, despite being a ghoul, you were a great person! I know you had a little set back but we’re all rooting for you, we’re saying some prayers and hope that you’re back visiting us real soon. Mick Foley


Rich is was SUCH a delight to meet you! I hope you get well soon. You are both my thoughts and my prayers. Love & Blessings. Julie Adams (“Creature from the Black Lagoon”)


Hey Svengoolie, this is Roddy Piper saying stay strong and I hope you’re doing great and…(pauses)…Get up! Get up and fight! I had cancer, you had a heart attack, get up and together we’ll meet in a bar. That’s what we’re gonna do because we’ll have both won our battles. I love ya, man! Stay strong! Roddy Piper

Rest and GET WELL SOON, Rich — you have godzillion fans and WE NEED YOU monstrously. NOBODY does that TV host VOODOO better than YOU DO!” George Chastain Egor’s Chamber of Horror Hosts.

All the best to you on a swift and robust recovery. Please hurry back, you’re needed. There are corny jokes to be spun, silly songs to be sung, rubber chickens to be flung, and there is only one Goolie who can do it. His name is Sven. Michael Monahan American Scary.

Get well soon, Rich!  Your talent for entertaining people is as great as your generous nature and your gracious demeanor.  Have a speedy recovery…don’t let those rubber chickens pile up! Thanks for everything! Ted Okuda “From Shock Theatre to Svengoolie.

Special thanks to Dale Wamboldt for his assistance regarding Victoria Price, Ron & Angela Urban for assisting with Mick Foley & Roddy Piper, Lewis Tice with Elvira, and Horror Host Secret Service Agent, Jim Roche for opening up the Svengoolie-archives with his rare photos! 

PLEASE share your own well wishes in the Comments below…

The Terror Daves: Dave Fuentes & David Albaugh


8 thoughts on “A Celebrity “Get Well” card for Rich Koz Svengoolie!

  1. What a terrific thing to do with today’s blog! I’m certain Rich/Sven will be thrilled when he reads the comments from his many well-wishers. Many thanks to the Daves for this posting, and many, MANY thanks to Svengoolie for making us smile and laugh (and occasionally shudder), and entertaining us all in SO many ways. On this special day when we all have so much for which to be thankful, we should also give thanks that so many of our lives have been touched and brightened by this man who is truly an icon and a national treasure. I would like to again add my own humble prayers and best wishes for Rich’s speedy recovery. God bless you and your family, Rich. Thank you, and get well soon!

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

  2. Get well soon, Rich! You’re the best there is at what you do and watching your show is the highlight of my week.

    Daves: Wonderful idea for a post, job very well done.

  3. Almost teared up! Get well Rich/Sven may our prayers help you recover. Today I’m thankful for having the opportunity to meet you. And to invite you in to my home every week. Get well soon!

    And I’m also thankful for the Dave’s who do a great job keeping up posted through the year with great photo’s and video’s.

    Happy Thanksgiving

  4. At the top of my gratitude list this Thanksgiving are friends and laughter, and Sven is certainly a central part of that! Thank you, Svengoolie, for invading my home with laughter every Saturday night! And thank you for helping my home city take that little problem we had with zombies and transform it into a special night to really remember! Happy Fangsgiving, Svengoolie!

  5. Dear Sven,

    You have a gift for bringing people together with our two most favorite things: laughter and movies– we love that about you, and we love you! Thank you for all the laughter you’ve given us, and for the laughter we’ve shared working with you. Please know how many folks out here feel similarly, love you, and are wishing you well. We’re pretty sure Roddy Piper is all out of bubble gum, so you better make it get well soon!

    Beast Witches from the crew at Acme Design

  6. Thanks so much to The Daves for all they do! Dave F…thank YOU so much for your friendship and help at so many events! Most importantly, special thanks to ALL the fans of Sven. I cannot express my gratitude and pride every day that I have the honor and privilege to work with the man. We will herald his return (with patience) and with unabashed silliness! Happy Thanksgiving all!!

  7. Dear Svengoolie. Just discovered your show on MeTV Orlando. Enjoy it very much. (Used to watch Zacherly as a kid in NY.) Sorry to hear of your recent event. My prayers and good wishes for a full and speedy recovery. You are a unique and knowledgeable talent. Come back as soon as you are well enough. 🙂

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