Terror from Beyond the Daves FINAL Horror Host Report!

Greetings, and welcome to the FINAL Horror Host Report featured on “Terror from Beyond the Daves.” Both of us Daves want to thank all the hosts who participated and, of course, everyone who’s faithfully tuned in to read it. It’s been an amazing 2 years but also a lot of work. We will always be grateful for it as it was instrumental in helping us win a Rondo and, even more importantly, forging friendships between us and many of those we featured. While certainly the “labor of love,” both David and I have been pretty busy with other facets of our lives and the hours it takes each week to put a single report together just isn’t there for us anymore. After several weeks of deep discussions, we decided it was time to call it a day. We debated keeping it going through the 1st of the year but, then again, what better finale then the last weekend before Halloween? To save space, our usual practice is to delete our reports after a few weeks but, for novelty’s sake, we will be leaving this one in our archives.

Other than the disappearance of the report, the site will continue going and always remain Horror Host friendly place. There are no plans to stop stalking our childhood horror host, Svengoolie, attending conventions, and partaking in horror host activities. In fact, I’ll be attending THREE of Svengoolie’s four appearances (not bad) this weekend alone. ANYONE who wants to share their pictures and narrative of events that we’re unable to attend are absolutely welcome to submit. Just shoot us a message at terrordaves@ymail.com and we can get that going.

Again, thanks to everyone who assisted us in this weekly post that no blog was ever really designed to support (WordPress, we apologize for all the times we swore at you on Thursday nights).  I guess it would be cliche’ for us to end with “Stay Scary,” so we will simply say, “See you at the next event!”

The Terror Daves

Svengoolie ends his month long tour of appearances with a veritable “Grand Finale!”

TONIGHT! Friday October 26th Svengoolie will join Chicago radio legend, Gary Meier on WGN Radio  for a LIVE broadcast at the Odeum in Villa Park, Illinois from 4-5pm! The event is FREE but you do need to register. Details will be shared Gary on his afternoon show or you can get info from the WGN Webiste by clickingHERE!

On Saturday October 27th Svengoolie makes his annual appearance at Parker’s “Bark-o-ween” celebration! Doggie lovers get to strut their canines in the costume costume where their prized pet can win great prizes! BTW both you and your pet are encouraged to dress up as there’s a category for owners too! This event is located at 13 42 E. 55th St in Hyde Park, Illinois!

Later that same night (October 27th)  it’s back to the zombie-filled “Nightmare on Chicago Street” in Elgin! While zombies have taken over downtown Elgin, you can party in the zombie-free “safe zone”- get a Sven autograph and take a photo- plus- see Sven’s all-new coffin unveiled for the first time! And- Sven will crown the winner of the “Miss Zombie” pageant! Last year was an incredible event- so, suit up in your costume and join the crowd for an even greater party-with music, food,vendors, and- zombie preparedness!Sven arrives at 9 pm- for more info- go to http://www.nightmareonchicagostreet.com!

Finally….on October 28th, Svengoolie will be appearing at the Muvico Theater in Rosemont, Illinois to sign from 2-4pm! Sven will not only be signing, he’ll be introducing the feature film CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON in 3D!!! We know that the stars of that Universal classic are ever so grateful…


This weekend, Svengoolie airs WEREWOLF OF LONDON! Check your National MeTV listings for show times!

At 11am, Chicago’s WCIU will be showing a re-airing of THIS ISLAND EARTH!

For show information, Svengoolie merchandise, and Sven’s daily blog check out svengoolie.com!



This is THE week. The week where mere mortals take on the trappings of various monsters and undead in an effort to satisfy their quest for candy…or sometimes something a bit stronger in liquid form! Yes. this is the week of Halloween!

To help you get into the spirit of things, I bring you another thrilling short film from the warped minds at Bloody Cuts Films. This one is entitled “Dead Man’s Lake” and it is another Halloween treat…just for YOU!  You can watch it in my New Blood Showcase!

My other Halloween treat is still up for it’s final week and I’m talking about our feature film: William Winckler’s “Frankenstein vs. the Creature From Blood Cove.”  You can watch it in The Lab!

The TombKeeper doesn’t normally give out treats….she’s more into tricks.  But she is obviously making an exception this week by bringing you two graphic novels that you won’t want to miss. She starts by reviewing a collection of seasonal scares illustrated in full color by Tom Pomplun entitled “Halloween Classics: Graphic Classics Vol. Twenty Three!”  Then she reviews the new updated version of an original Bram Stoker collection, edited by Tom Pomplun.  This one is called, “Graphic Classics: Bram Stoker: Vol. Seven (Second Edition).”  You’ll find both in The Tomb!

Dita Dirt Nap never fails to please for Halloween and she has another entertaining culty DVD review in Dita’s Den!

And that’s just a sample of Halloween offerings beginning Saturday night at www.countgore.com



I NEED YOUR BLOOD!!! Literally. I NEED blood! Join me for the RED CROSS/ STELLA’S HALLOWEEN BLOOD DRIVE on SATURDAY OCTOBER 27TH at 790 HADODN AVE. (The Cloud Lodge) IN COLLINGSWOOD NJ.!!!!! So come on down from 9am until 2pm and join in the dripping fun!!!!

So after you donate blood on Saturday in Collingswood NJ, go home and take a nap then JOIN ME SATURDAY NIGHT IN MANAYUNK!! THAT’S RIGHT, MEET ME ON MY OWN TURF!!


Son of Ghoul will be appearing at Ghoulardifest next weekend!



The Daves would like to congratulate Morgus the Magnificent on his induction into the Rondo Monster Kid Hall of Fame!You can now own DVD copies of both the movie THE WACKY WORLD OF DOCTOR MORGUS as well as MORGUS PRESENTS VOLUME 1! The full-length movie can be ordered HERE and volume 1 can be ordered HERE! For all things Morgus make sure to check out his official website, MORGUS PRESENTS! ONLINE!


Click HEREfor a list of Sammy Terry’s upcoming appearances!

And don’t miss Sammy Terry’s upcoming Halloween TV Special on Indiana’s WTTV!


ELVIRA, Mistress of the Dark, is excited to announce a new series of Elvira comic books set to debut in 2013.  Working with author R.H. Stavis (“Daniel’s Veil,” Activision’s ” Transformers: War for Cybertron”) and artist Jeff Zarnow (“Godzilla, “68,” “Battle Beasts” ), the stories will focus on the Elvira’s MISS-adventures centered around a backstory about Halloween. The collaboration was teased to audiences at the recent “Stan Lee’s Comikaze” event in September in Los Angeles.   “Unlike a typical licensing deal, we are bringing together the power of the Elvira brand, a top-notch female writer and a rising artist to develop a new line of comic books independently,” says Cassandra Peterson aka Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. “We will then find a publishing/distribution partner that shares our vision to unleash these stories to the world.”


Not surprisingly, Elvira: Mistress of the Dark has been pretty busy this Halloween Season too with a recent appearance at Knox Berry Farm! Her latest DVD was released late September (click on image below to order) and a new one is on the way!



TONIGHT! Friday October 26th, Zomboo heads over to Diamond’s Casino and will judge a costume contest at 7pm. The winner gets $300!

The next day on Saturday October 27th, Zomboo will host his “Made in Nevada” Scaaary movie at the Nevada Historical Society  – 11:30am & 1pm! This year’s feature is HORRORS OF THE RED PLANET! This event is FREE!

I’ll be at THE YELLOW HOUSE Consignment Shop Open House Saturday, October 27 from NOON til 2pm! Bring your camera and say HI! It’s located at 4990 South Virginia Street, right near BIG 5 Sporting Goods and the freeway overpass!

Hello Everybody! It’s your old pal, Zomboo reminding you that this week’s movie is one of the scaaariest movies ever made, “Eegah!!” Saturday at 11:35pm on KOLO TV Channel 8 in Reno. Be there and be scared!

And in other Zomboo news….


Well here’s the last report from the Dr….

This weeks show will be filmed at the s.w. libraries zombie homecoming. with video footage shot with classic host, Mr. Mephisto, at the Jerry Smith Pumpkin farm! Its sad news that the Daves are ending the weekly report but I understand the work that goes into it. keeping this going for as long as they did deserves all of our respect. with new hosts popping up all the time one does wonder if its getting a little mundane. I’m not knocking anyone out here but I do get the feeling hosting has become something anyone can do, and although they can, do they do it well??? I guess is doesn’t not matter…

In any case I can only think of the words of My favorite Bozo..( Its nice to be important, but more important to be nice). Thanks again DAVES!!!!  This is sad news out-shined only by  KENOSHA HAVING TRICK OR TREAT ON THE 28th in the day time!!!! UGGGH!!!!


FRIDAY OCTOBER 26th – TINEY’S COMICS (516 south 2nd street – Clinton, IA). TRICK OR TREAT TIME!! from 3 to 5 pm. Drop by for free candy, and some special giveaway comics while supplies last. ALSO all comics are 20% off during trick or treat time ! a fun time will be had by all!!


Halloween is here!

Well, almost here.

Time for trick or treat and we have a real treat for you.

This coming weekend, on Movie Madness with Dr. Praxis, we will be featuring the movie, Horror Hotel starring Sir Christopher Lee.

On the recommendation of her professor (Christopher Lee), a young female student (Venetia Stevenson) travels to the fictional Massachusetts town of Whitewood to do
some research into witchcraft. She finds the town occupied by the reincarnation of an infamous witch (Patricia Jessel) burned at the stake in the 17th century; in order
to sustain her immortality, virgins must be sacrificed to her every year – and this year, the student has been the chosen victim.

This film has been compared to Psycho due to structural similarities. Both films begin by establishing an attractive blonde woman as the viewpoint character, leading
the audience to assume she will be the protagonist through the rest of the story. In both films, the blonde travels to a remote location and checks into a hotel or
motel run by an eccentric manager. In both cases, the audience’s expectations are shattered before the midpoint of the story when the blonde is abruptly stabbed to
death. In both films, the blond’s sibling is involved in the search for her; both films include a “shock” scene in which a corpse is revealed, and both films were
released in the same year (1960).

Horror Hotel for your Halloween viewing pleasure.

Plus, homages to two great programs from the past.  See if you can guess what programs…

All this and more will be available from Movie Madness with Dr. Praxis starting this weekend.

Get ready for Halloween and book a room at “Horror Hotel” starring Christoper Lee as shown on wwwmonstermovienight.com starring Bobby Gammonster – Internet Horror Host , Get on your black robes and lets all do some chants at Gargoyle Manor -the monster museum for some real trick or treating!!!

Look for an upcoming appearance of New England’s Hex-cellent Penny Dreadful at New England Comicsin New Bedford, MA!

Both her and the lovable Garou will then return to the same venue to help  judge a costume contest on Halloween Night!

For more on Penny Dreadful and the talented gang at Shilling Shocker’s, click HERE!


Check out Mr. Lobo on his ALL-NEW “Zomb-Bee TV!”


LOBOVISION GLASSES can be worn on face or to be even more geeky–leave in the package and display! What better way is there to enjoy the free movies on http://www.lobovision.tv/ guilt free and to show support for Cinema Insomnia, Mr. Lobo, and Misunderstood Movies? LOBOVISION GLASSES! Contact mrlobo@cinemainsomnia.com!


Finally! The NEW 10 Year Anniversary Fan Club Kit is here! Lifetime Membership includes:

NEW PLASTIC Decoder Member Card signed and numbered on the front by Mr. Lobo and the entire “Alpha-Numeric” Secret Code on Back.

NEW–the world’s fanciest and most detailed Certificate of Membership. Drawn by Mr. and Mrs. Lobo–weaving dozens and dozens of hidden elements for you to find. Printed on parchment paper! Posthumous signature by Cinema Insomnia Senior Consultant Bob Wilkins and freshly numbered and signed by his disciple Mr. Lobo.

NEW Larger 2.25 inch “Cinema Insomnia Fan Club” Pin-back Button by Button-Lab.

NEW randomly selected Signed Large 8X10 Photo.

CLASSIC Signed 4X6 Black and White Photo of Mr. Lobo,This is the very same photo offered to insomniacs from day one of the original fan club.

AND you still get the FREE plastic November Fire Decoder ring and bunch of other random surprise goodies (not described or pictured here (while supplies last).

Best of all you will be an official CINSOMNIAC…or a SLEEPLESS KNIGHT OF INSOMNIA. This is more than a fan club reboot. We want to reach out and unite all of the many fans who have supported Mr. Lobo and Cinema Insomnia and create the best fan club on the planet! We will make the world safe for misunderstood movies!

Discounts on selected merchandise and film events.

MEMBER ONLY Updates from Mr. Lobo.

Access to the secret SLEEPLESS KNIGHTS screening group on LOBOVISION.TV

And there will even be MEMBERS ONLY episodes of CINEMA INSOMNIA produced.

Also, Cinema Insomnia Fan Only Events and activities, parties and Regional Officers Elected!


Contact Mr. Lobo with any concerns mrlobo@cinemainsomina.com 1-317-4-LOBOTV!


The Basement Sublet of Horror is working on several Halloween broadcasts this month. The main event will be an all night broadcast of both BSOH and Evelle LeChat’s Night Fright episodes on our local Lawrence TV channel 6 on Oct. 31st (BSOH normally broadcasts on public access), the show will also include footage from the Lawrence, Kansas 2012 Zombie Walk.

Here’s the schedule:
– The 2012 Lawrence Zombie Walk
– “Dr. Jekyll Vs. The Werewolf” (BSOH, NEW EPISODE)
– NIGHT FRIGHTS with Evelle LeChat
“Night of the Living Dead”
– “Don’t Look in the Basement (BSOH, NEW EPISODE)

On the Lawrence, KS public access channel 99 BSOH is showing a special Halloween show on Oct. 26th, with horror animations and films by artist Jason Willis.

BSOH will also take part in Halloween broadcasts on CATS Community Access Television in Bloomington, IN and White Rose Community Television St. York, Pennsylvania Community Access Channel 18. Check the station web sites for further info.

Greetings, friends!

It’s hard to believe, but it’s already THAT TIME… your friends at the MANOR are gearing up for their annual HALLOWEEN SPECIAL…

…but before WE can think about trick-or-treating, we’ve got a bit of a mess to clean up.

Remember when Zelnak sent us on a wild goose chase to the Crystal Rose Gallery (where we encountered the giant god Chuku, among other things)? Our shenanigans DID cause quite a bit of damage, and proprietor Jorge Rodriguez has finally caught up with us… to make up for the disaster we caused, we’ve got to work at the gallery for Halloween… and every exhibit has a story to tell… and every story is presented uncut and uncensored… will any of us make it out at all?

This is OUR Halloween… what about YOURS? We hope you’ll spend a couple of hours with us this weekend… after all, ’tis the season!

Meanwhile, the MANOR salutes KAT HORDERN and COREY JONES on the occasion of their marriage on Friday, October 26th… ceremony to be performed by… YOURS TRULY!

It’s an extra-special Halloween weekend… and it’s all yours at the MANOR!

Friday 10PM Pacific
Saturday 5AM and 10PM Pacific
Monterey cable channel 24 (AMP)
or on-line at www.ampmedia.org
Choose “Programs” and then “Web Stream” for Channel 24!

All the best,
Remo D.

Saturday at 10 pm EST on RTV: Tune in for our Halloween Special – “Attack of The Monsters!”

Boney Bob has taken over the show and he’s showing movies he wants to see! Gamera the Flying Turtle feels the need to protect a couple of annoying kids on an alien planet, and battles Guiron ñ the ginsu-steak knife monster! Will Gamera save the kids and get back to Earth? Tune in and find out!

Monday at 8 pm EST on The Monster Channel <http://www.100ymm.com> : Tune in for “The Devil’s Hand.”

A man is haunted by visions of a hot blond, so he dumps his frumpy brunette girlfriend and joins a Satanic cult… Yeah, who hasn’t had this happen to them? It stars Neil Hamilton who is probably best remembered for playing Commissioner Gordon on the 1960’s Batman TV show.

And speaking of Night of The Living Dead, please visit our friends at the Fix The Chapel site and make a donation to help restore the Evans City Cemetery Chapel. Join the Facebook group  <http://http://www.facebook.com/#%21/groups/savethechapel/&gt; or visit their site for more info! <http://http://www.fixthechapel.com/&gt;

And for all you brave souls looking for a fright, The Erebus Haunted Attraction <http://www.hauntedpontiac.com>  is open for the 2012 haunt season! Find out for yourself why they’re voted year after year as one of America’s Best Haunted Attractions!


A school district in Skokie, Illinois (UPDATE: and now another in Seattle) is banning  Halloween. We here at Ormsby’s Cinema Insane are upset over school officials forcing their PC zaniness on little kids,who should be allowed to have a childhood and enjoy holidays like Halloween. Please share the video and get the word out. Soon, there may not be a Halloween for children anymore if we don’t fight this.

On October 19-21 Ormsby was be a featured guest at The Macabre Fair Grim Gathering, held at the Best Western in Rockville Centre New York!


The Macabre Faire always have monsters, music, vendors, fashion shows, horror movies & live performances. Don’t miss the next one!
About Ormsby:  Ormsby, originally from Transylvania, is the caretaker, cultural attache, and mad scientist at Transylvania’s Embassy located in the Haunted Lighthouse of Mastic. He lives with his (mostly) deceased Mother, DuckBoy(made from the parts of a pizza delivery boy and a duck), a zombie named Mr. Nibbles, and 200 little girl clones. He is also an Internet Sex Symbol.
Ormsby and everyone here at Cinema Insane would like to thank Terror from Beyond the Daves for all their hard work on the Horror Host Weekend Report. You guys are the best!!!
Friday afternoon, at 3pm Central, on Comcast channel 10 in Western Chicagoland, and, throughout the entire state of Illinois on AT & T U-Verse channel 99 (click on “Aurora”), The Bone Jangler and his then 8 year old nephew Greggy host nostalgic Halloween shorts and cartoons on the legendary “Halloween Dungeon 2008!”

Friday night, at 11:30pm Central, on Comcast channel 10 in Western Chicagoland, and, throughout the entire state of Illinois on AT & T U-Verse channel 99 (click on “Aurora”), it’s a Bone Jangler Halloween Double Feature! First up, the lovely Enchantress Nocturna & handsome Bone Jangler host “Dracula Vs. Frankenstein!”

Then, stay tuned for a brand spanking NEW re-mix of Nocturna, Coven Girl Ann Marie, & Bone Daddy hosting “Tormented,” featuring guest appearances by fellow Chicagoland Horror Hosts Demonica, and Svengoolie!

On Saturday afternoon, at 12:45pm, The Bone Jangler makes a public appearance at the Savannah community Halloween Celebration, at Rte. 56 and Kirk Rd. in Batavia, IL! The Bone Jangler will be available to sign autographs, pose for fan photos, and will be judging the Halloween Costume Contests!


Saturday, at 3om Eastern/ 2 Central/ Noon Pacific, it’s the fan favorite “Halloween Dungeon 2008” edition of “Daytime Dungeon” starring Greggy and The Bone Jangler, WORLDWIDE ONLINE at www.FVTV.info, and on local channel 17 in Western Chicagoland!

Saturday night, at 8pm Eastern/ 7 Central/ 6 Mountain/ 5 Pacific, Sexy Enchantress Nocturna, curvy Coven Girl Ann Marie, & The Bone Daddy Badass From Beyond host “Tormented” WORLDWIDE ONLINE at www.MonsterChannel.tv – The Monster Channel! Guest stars include Famous Monsters Of Filmland founder Forrest J Ackerman, and The Monkees’ Micky Dolenz! The Peanuts gang, and Elvira herself, will also be on hand!

Saturday night, at 11:30pm Central, on Comcast channel 10 in Western Chicagoland, and, throughout the entire state of Illinois on AT & T U-Verse channel 99 (click on “Aurora”), it’s a Bone Jangler Halloween Double Feature! First up, it’s the beautiful Enchantress Nocturna, bodacious Coven Girl Ann Marie, and The Bone Jangler hosting “Tormented” starring the juicy Juli Redding! Then, it’s sexy Nocturna & Bone Daddy hosting “Dracula Vs. Frankenstein!”

Not to be missed!


img_44701Scarevania’s Freakhouse Flicks
Airs Friday October 26 @ 11pm and Saturday October 27 @ 11:30 pm on Comcast channel 60 in Muncie, IN.
Join Francis D. Pickles,  Punkin the Pinhead, and the rest of the Freakhouse creeps for a viewing of ‘Night of the Living Dead’. Also in this episode, the gang interviews “Zombie Wrangler” Eugene Jackson and a few of his “pets”. Join the fun, and “get your freak on!”
Hey Daves,Doctor Xombie just released his re-designed “Welcome To Ghoul School” music E.P.More info can be found on the music page of the official site: http://timewinds.com/xombie/music.html
The “Welcome To Ghoul School” E.P. has now been Re-Mastered, expanded to 6 songs, with all new redesigned artwork. The track list is to the right and can be obtained at the Doctor Xombie On-Line Store!!!1. Sick
2. Xombie
3. I Obey
4. Sick (Long)
5. Untitled #5
6. Day Of The FliesThe main Dead-Site ( www.DOCTORXOMBIE.com ) has also been updated.
Doctor Xombie also wants everyone to know that the “Horror Host Alliance” community web site is back up with a brand new look.
This is a place for hosts to gather and share experiences and ideas with each other (Fans are also welcome to join)! www.timewinds.com/horror/
Please send the name of your show and/or host name, along with the URL of your main website to: doctor@doctorxombie.comand he’ll get it added to the horror host links page.Thanx,
-Roger Boyes (a.k.a. Doctor Xombie)
I’ve added a special section to my website listing all the fantastic horror films showing in the Nashville area. We have an unbelievable wealth of horror films screening in ACTUAL THEATERS – go to www.drgangrene.comand click on the NASHEVIL HALLOWEEN 2012 link for full listingsFinally, I’ll be hosting the 2nd annual 12 HOURS OF TERROR festival at the Belcourt Theater on Sat Oct. 27! This year’s film lineup is: The Schedule is:




BAY OF BLOOD/TWITCH OF THE DEATH NERVE (Reazione a Catena) –  5:15 pm

SOCIETY – 6:50 pm

DEMONS – 8:45 pm
DETENTION –  10:30 pm

For more details visit: http://www.belcourt.org/events/12-hours-of-terror.491215

STAY MAD Fright Fans!!

This week on “Nightmare Cinema (KTV 14), just in time for Halloween, “Encounter With The Unknown” (1973). Three eerie tales based on actual events are enacted in this film. First, three college students play a prank on a geeky classmate. Next, a ghoulish sound emanates from a mist-shrouded hole in the Earth near where a Missouri boy has lost his dog. Third, a senator returning home from a party finds a lost girl on a bridge. Narrated by Rod Serling. We have unearthed a fine seasonal cartoon in “The Headless Horseman” and we will have the appropriately titled chapter four of “The Green Hornet Strikes Again: ‘A Night of Terror,’” along with a handful of vintage TV ads. “Nightmare Cinema”: TV Old School! (Check local listings)


Welcome to The Vortexx, your home away from home for horror hosts, B-movies, and cult flicks! Our movies run 24/7 and the chat room is open at all times. Join us at 9 (ET) Monday-Wednesday and at 10 (ET) Thursday-Saturday for our featured movie(s) and a moderated chat. And be sure to check out this week’s Halloween specials, including an all-day Halloween marathon on Wednesday! Many of our hosts join us in the chat room on the night of their show, so this is your chance to meet the creative and talented folks who make these movies possible. You can find up-to-date information on our Facebook fan page http://www.facebook.com/pages/ARTV/138081346258078

Friday (10/26).  DEMENTED DRIVE-IN with Floyd Cadaverous presents THE WEREWOLF OF WASHINGTON  (1973). Starring Biff McGuire as the Nixonian president, Dean Stockwell as his ill-fated speech writer, Clifton James as the attorney general, and Michael Dunn as Dr. Kiss (a not-so-subtle reference to Dr. Henry Kissinger). Released in the midst of the Watergate scandal, this movie was hastily put together and frankly looks it, but these fine actors make the most out of their material and the werewolf make-up is actually pretty cool.

Saturday (10/27). 10:00 P.M. THE LATE DR LADY SHOW presents ASYLUM (1972) starring Peter Cushing, Herbert Lom, Britt Ekland, and Charlotte Rampling.  A young psychiatrist interviews four inmates in a mental asylum and hears four stories of murder, revenge, and the macabre. Written by Robert Bloch and directed by Hammer veteran Roy Ward Baker. Followed at Midnight by Chapter 6 of THE MONSTER AND THE APE on Saturday Night Serials with Mortimer Van Creep.

Monday (10/29). 9:00 P.M.  ALTERNATIVE REALITIES with Dr. Sigmund Zoid and Sluggo presents their Halloween special — WHITE ZOMBIE (1932) starring Bela Lugosi. Sure you’ve probably seen it before, but have you ever seen it in 3-D? Well, tonight is your chance! It’s the first zombie movie ever — and still arguably one of the best.

Tuesday (10/30). 9:00 P.M.  BORDELLO OF HORROR with Freakshow and Sin-D Vicious presents their Halloween special — THE GHOST (1963). Not just any ghost, mind you, but the ghost of Dr. Hitchcock of “Horrible Dr. Hitchcock” fame. Starring Barbara Steele as the doctor’s unfaithful wife and directed by Riccardo Freda, who had a great influence on both Mario Bava and Dario Argento. This movie has lots of atmosphere, lots of Babs, and a terrific twist ending, so don’t miss it!

Tuesday (10/30). 11:00 P.M. LENNY’S INFERNO starring MR. MEPHISTO presents THE MONSTER MAKER (1944) starring J. Carrol Naish, Glenn Strange, Ray “Crash” Corrigan, and Ace the Wonder Dog. A mad scientist injects his enemies with acromegaly virus, causing them to become hideously deformed. Albert Glasser, who composed the score for tonight’s movie for a fee of $250, would go on to score a staggering 170 movies between 1944-1962, as well as 300 television shows and 450 radio programs.

Wednesday (10/31). What better place to spend Halloween then at The Vortexx Halloween Marathon! We will be presenting an around-the-clock showing of the George Romero classic, NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD (1968), hosted by some of the finest horror hosts in the business, including Dr. Sigmund Zoid and Sluggo from Alternative Realities, Freakshow & Sin-D Vicious from Bordello of Horror, Floyd Cadaverous from Demented Drive-In, Sebastian Hexx & the gang from Frightmare Alley, PumpkinMan from  Fright Night Theater, Dr. David Lady from The Late Dr Lady Show, Riggor & Nyte from Riggor Mortiss Presents, and The Host from Screaming Horror Theater. This one is gonna be special, folks, so don’t miss it!

Thursday (11/1). 10:00 P.M. DEADGAR’S DARK COFFIN CLASSICS with Deadgar Winter, Cap’n Gray Skull, and Countess Kevorkian present ATOM AGE VAMPIRE (1963). A singer (Susanne Loret) is horribly disfigured in a car accident, and a mad scientist (Alberto Lupo) is determined to restore her beauty, regardless of how many women he must kill. For some unexplained reason, the scientist occasionally turns into a horrible reptile-faced creature.

You can find us at http://www.livestream.com/thevortexx and at our new-and-improved website, http://www.horrorhost.net . You can also find us at our sister channels:  http://www.past-tv-network.comhttp://www.madisonhorror.net – and http://www.hocfocprod.com/hfp_free_network

If you’re a horror host looking for an additional outlet for your show, email Sluggo at  sluggoslug@gmail.com

Interested in learning more about Horror Hosts? Check out these great reference books! Just click on the book images below for ordering info….

We would like to give a special thanks to our friend, Brian Maze, for sharing his amazing pogs for which this report would have never been the same without. You’re one in a million, Brian!


4 thoughts on “Terror from Beyond the Daves FINAL Horror Host Report!

  1. Gosh guys – I am SO sorry to hear that your weekly Horror Host Report is coming to an end! I only discovered this blog about 6 or 7 months ago, and I try to check it out pretty much every day. But the ONE feature I would never, ever miss was your weekly HHR. As I mentioned before, it was really the only way I could keep up with something that is near and dear to my heart. I’m so very disappointed – but I do understand. It was obviously a major effort each week, and I can’t even begin to imagine how much time and work went into it. But it was and is GREATLY appreciated, and will be sorely missed. Gosh, if I had anywhere near the contacts and the resources that must be available to you, I’d even offer to take it over on your behalf – well, at least until I found out how much work it was!

    Thank you both for what you do here. I will still be coming by most every day to check things out. It’s just that now I’m afraid my Friday mornings will be a bit less fun. But then, who knows what else you guys might cook up? Again, THANK YOU from an avid and most appreciative reader. No one does it better than The Daves…!!!

    Richard from Florida

  2. Thanks for all your hard work, I appreciate you keeping the world up to date on all the chaos that is horror hosting. Great blog, great work, I look forward to seeing what the future holds for the Daves. Thank you for your support, Gunther Dedmund

  3. Daves,

    The horror host shall never die and in fact thrives thanks to efforts of the individuals behind the fright masks and makeup, the Internet and your (and fandom’s) tireless devotion.

    Thanks for curating all these creeps for as long as you did!

    ~ Z

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