Midnite Mausoleum’s “Amerisleaze”…Three Cheers for the Red, White, and Boobs!


Like every other red-blooded male horror host fan out there, I am a fan of Marlena Midnite and Robyn Graves. I have enjoyed their show a lot from the beginning and spending time with them at the Horror Hound conventions is always a highlight. If you are reading this post then chances are you are fans of Midnite Mausoleum as well.

I just had the pleasure of watching their latest DVD release entitled AMERISLEAZE VOLUME 1. Since this is not one of their regular broadcast shows, and was released direct to DVD, it features lots of adult humor and nudity (sorry guys, Marlena and Robyn stay clothed throughout). The movie being shown is one from 1979 called SAVAGE WEEKEND, starring David Gale in a pre-RE-ANIMATOR appearance. Though it is not the best movie in the world, it does offer a very cool drinking game thanks to Midnite Mausoleum. Basically, every time you see a nipple, you take a shot. It’s that easy and can actually make for a fun evening.

The Daves are certainly no stranger to horror hosts and have watched many hundreds of shows. Unfortunately, most of today’s hosts are limited to showing a handful of public domain films. This means that oftentimes I fast forward through the movie to get to the host parts (seriously, regardless of how great THE GIANT GILA MONSTER is, how many times can you actually watch it). It was a welcome relief to watch this disc featuring a movie not shown by other hosts. Even though the film is less than stellar, it did keep my interest throughout and the host segments were a lot of fun.


Also on this collection is a fun short by Thomas Berdinski, another favorite of the Daves. If you have not seen any of his short films, I highly recommend them! His humor is quick and the way he puts his films together works so well. I have also become a big fan of the music he scores for these films! Another friend of the Daves also appears…Son Of Froggy! The segment after the end credits with Marlena, Robyn and Son Of Froggy in a bathtub is hilarious.


This DVD is definitely for adults only and if you ever wanted to hear Marlena talk about anal sex, then buy this disc today! Like EUROSLEAZE VOLUME 1 before it, I highly recommend this disc. You can order your own copy by going HERE! While you’re at it, order yourself a copy of EUROSLEAZE VOLUME 1 as well by going HERE! These two discs would make a great double feature! Keep in mind that both releases are limited editions so get them before they sell out!


If you can’t get enough of Midnite Mausoleum, you can also check out James Downing’s interview with Marlena and Robyn in the newest issue of SCARY MONSTERS MAGAZINE, number 83. It’s a great read and highly recommended! Make sure to also check out James’ website Monsters From The Basement!

~David Albaugh

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