Night of the Living Legend: Mr. Mephisto Hosts Again!

In case you haven’t heard the news (which means you missed yesterday’s Weekend Horror Host Report you naughty reader), Wisconsin’s Mr. Mephisto will be making a full make-up return to hosting this Tuesday night via The Vortexx in a “Bordello of Horror” Double Feature!

Last April we reported classic horror host, Dick Flanigan, donning the make-up of Mr. Mephisto again after 30 years (story HERE).  We also reported how one of his most loyal fans, Rich “Freakshow” Peterson,  had been instrumental in getting his host inducted into The Horror Host Hall of Fame last March.

Peterson not only hosts the Madison Horror Film Festival (See coverage of last year’s event courtesy of our pal, Thomas Berdinski, by clicking HERE) but also his own show via The Vortexx each week. Fans of Mephisto owe Peterson a huge debt of gratitude for making his collection of Mephisto’s classic shows (“Lenny’s Inferno“) available each week for free on this 24 hour online Channel. Freakshow’s own show “Bordello of Horror” follows.

This week will feature a double bill of “Bordello of Horror” and, what is particularly noteworthy, is the appearance of Flanigan, once again as Mr. Mephisto, making appearances during the hosted segments of the first movie, NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD! This is exciting news for the Horror Host community as well as their devout fans!

Please tune in to The Vortexx this Tuesday night at 9pm (ET) and catch Mephisto’s historic appearance!

Dave Fuentes~


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