2012 Horrorhound Weekend Costume Contest (Part 2)!


More ghoulish characters featured at the 2012 Horrorhound Weekend costume contest…








img_7399Contest Judges narrow down the list of Finalists!

After the judges presented their picks, it was applause that would determine the winner. In the end, it was a child dressed as a young Jamie ala’ Michael Meyers from HALLOWEEN that would walk away the unlikely winner!

img_7416And the winner is…

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve raised five kids and certainly have nothing against them, but I felt the winner should have been based on “Awww…that is so COOL!” and not “Awww…that is so CUTE!” That being said, we Daves vote Sasha Mullins (who came in officially second place) as the definitive winner! Her hip version of The Bride of Frankenstein was fantastic and proved without a doubt that even a patch-work monster can be beautiful!

img_74081The Daves declare Sasha Mullins’ BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN the WINNER!

Sasha, please contact The Daves at terrordaves@ymail.com so we can send you a special prize package of our own – a subscription to Horrorhound Magazine!


Dave Fuentes~

3 thoughts on “2012 Horrorhound Weekend Costume Contest (Part 2)!

  1. I love you guys, you fatter me so. I can only hope that my Bride costumes never dissappoint my two most supportative fans. IYou guys are the best!

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