George Romero was know for being fan-friendly but, even if he hadn’t, it was well worth originally planning a trip to the 2010 Indianapolis Horrorhound Weekend on his account. You can read a bit about that meeting HERE as well as my second time seeing him a few months later HERE.

As you’ll see in the clip below, the line was enormous and it was about 4 hours of waiting before we finally met him. I was with my friend, Jason Lucas, at the time and Romero gave our video a special shout out….after repeated attempts. It was a lot of fun and, yes, worth the wait! Tom Savini had been sitting with Romero and you can hear some of our commentary (as well as disappointment he left before we made it up there). Check it out…

See ya next time for another “Tale from Horrorhound Weekend!”

The Daves~

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