20 Years of Scary Monsters Magazine


While it was the National Horror Host, Svengoolie, who is indirectly responsible for bringing the Daves together as friends, it has always been our stance that TERROR FROM BEYOND THE DAVES was really the bastard child of the 2010 Vampira Tribute and SCARY MONSTERS MAGAZINE. In reality, the two are complimentary of each other. Within the pulpy pages of the world’s only “REAL Monsters Magazine,” classic monsters as well as Horror Hosts have always been featured side-by-side. And why shouldn’t they be? For many of us adult Monster kids, it was the classic commercial hosts who introduced us to all the greats be it Godzilla, The Universal Monsters, the films of Hammer Studios, the wonderful “B” movies of Roger Corman, as well as those from directors who were slightly…ahem…less gifted.

For my generation, SCARY MONSTERS MAGAZINE was (and is) the truest representation of Forrest Ackerman’s FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND. While that magazine recently returned, it is nothing like its former self (as covered last year HERE) and in this, Publisher Dennis Druktenis shows his genius! He not only manages to create a periodical that brings back the nostalgia of classic monsters, but creates a magazine that evokes those very same feelings in and of itself. Every time a new issue hits the stands, our old interests receive new vigor and suddenly we are kids at the local “dime store” once more. With one exception; we are no longer alone. Before the Internet provided the monster kids of America an opportunity to become acquainted with one another, Dennis provided us with a venue to share our favorite “Monster Memories” and discover that, while most of us were solitary monster fans in our youths, we were far from alone.

As a special tribute to this monumental occasion, TERROR FROM BEYOND THE DAVES would like to present this post as a sort of “Anniversary Card,” to both SCARY MONSTERS MAGAZINE as well as to the quiet, unassuming publisher who made it all possible. We just couldn’t resist the opportunity to turn the tables on Mr. Druktenis by inviting some special fans and contributors an opportunity to share their favorite SCARY MONSTERS MAGAZINE memories and give their regards to the man himself.

It should be known, however, that ALL fans reading this post are welcome to join in the festivities. Please feel free to share your thoughts and SCARY MONSTERS MAGAZINE memories in the “comments” section of this post.

Remember… in the world of SCARY MONSTERS, ALL fans are special!

SCARY MONSTERS MAGAZINE Cover artist – “Scary” Terry Beatty: Has it really been twenty scary years?  Of course I wasn’t with the magazine at the very beginning — but the logo I sent Dennis, which is still in use, was on the covers pretty early, and my first cover painting followed soon after.

It’s funny — Dennis and I have only met in person a few times, but I’m glad to call him friend.  As we all know, “Friend — good!”  Who else would have sent a plush Rat Fink as a gift when my son was born?

Five times a year, Dennis challenges me to squeeze more visual content onto Scary Monsters’ covers than is humanly possible — and sometimes I actually make it all happen.  More often than not, though, a monster or two is left out and has to wait for another issue to share cover space with monstrous mascot Sam Scare.

My first cover illustrations were done as acrylic paintings on illustration board — shipped in hefty cardboard boxes to “Scarewood” for printing.  Now the covers are created digitally, and delivered electronically — a science fiction advance in just two decades!

How many more years will we keep doing this?  I have no clue — but as long as Dennis keeps cranking out the magazine, I’m happy to fill the covers with colorful monster imagery.

Congrats to my pal, Dennis, on twenty years of creepy, kooky, crawly and SCARY fun!

Scary Terry has been the cover artist for SM since Monster Memories 1993…



Horror Host Dr. Gangrene:  I am super proud of Dennis and the terrorific job he’s done with Scary Monsters Magazine over the years. Talk about a labor of love, Dennis has published this magazine for 20 years – Why that’s 300 in magazine years! I am not sure which is older, Scary Monsters Magazine or Dennis’ son Dylan, but I know he’s rightfully proud of each of his “children”. Dennis was one of the first folks I met in fandom, and one of my earliest interviewees (at Wonderfest back in the early 2000s). My how time flies. I appreciate everything Dennis has done for me and here’s to many more years of Scary Monsters and celebrating the classic films and actors we all know and love. It’s an honor to write a column for Scary Monsters – thanks for letting me be a part.

Dr. Gangrene’s memories of classic host – Count of Five, recently featured in Issue #79 of SCARY MONSTERS…


Filmmaker, Dinosaur expert, and Monster Historian Don Glut: Congrats to you Dennis — for 20 scary years of keeping those torches burning. Here’s to another 20 or more!

Don Glut’s memories of Chicago classic host, Marvin, featured in SM #40…


Horror Host & Big Top Radio DJ, Dr. Destruction: Dennis has done such a great job with Scary Monsters. It’s so much fun to see the Classic Monsters kept alive. All the cool articles and stories on HORROR HOSTS!!!!  I love the Scary Mail Order stuff in the back. Waiting for the next issue in the mail is nostalgic. The Scary Covers are always a treat!! Thanks Dennis for all the FUN!

Dr. Destruction first featured in SM #43 and again in SM #79….


Jim Fetters author of “Creatures of the Night That We Loved So Well”:  Twenty years ago a young man followed his heart and lived a monster kid’s dream… to create a monster magazine that was true to itself and to its readers. Dennis’ heart made that dream come true. Twenty years later… that young man is still giving us a monster mag that IS true to itself and its readers! Scary Monsters Magazine truly is “The Only Real Monster Magazine” giving its readers an outlet to write of their monster memories and to know they are not alone in their love of the classic horror / sci-fi movies along with keeping every TV Horror Host known to exist alive in all our memories!

To Dennis Druktenis I say Happy 20th Anniversary! Your accomplishments, in creating a ‘real’ monster magazine, are matched only by 4E Ackerman. Thank you, Dennis, for so many great issues, excellent articles and for giving life to Scary Monsters and Sam Scare!

James Fetters’ book “Creatures of the Night That We Loved So Well” was given a cover story in SM #30…


J.D. Lees Editor and Publisher of G-FAN: Three cheers, plus a coffin-load of howls and growls to Dennis Druktenis and Scary Monsters. Twenty years of keeping the torch of monster fandom burning brightly is a tremendous achievement, and Dennis has done it with genuine love and respect for the genre that means so much to all us monster kids. Thanks for the memories, Dennis, scary and otherwise, and all beast witches for the next two decades of creepers, creatures, and things (with two heads) that go bump in the night (of the living dead)!


New England Horror Hostess Penny Dreadful: Dennis is doing fans of classic horror a great service by creating such a fun and entertaining magazine.  I am honored to have met Dennis several times at Monster Bash.  He’s a great guy and a true blue monster fan!  Dennis, I doff my pointy hat to you sir. Thank you for all you do.

Penny Dreadful has made numerous appearances in SM including a cover, and article in #78…


Paul (Paulzilla) Knight writer and promoter for SCARY MONSTERS MAGAZINE: Twenty years…Twenty years?..It’s hard to believe sometimes! Years before I started contributing to this fearsome frightening fanzine fiends I was a faithful reader starting with issue #2 in 1992.The cover and the look of the title has changed quite a bit since then thanks to cover artist “Scary Terry” Beatty. To see this magazine evolve and flourish over the last two decades has been a wondrous thing!

Dennis Druktenis has taken this labor of love and done something extraordinary that few fanzines of any genre have been able to accomplish. SCARY MONSTERS speaks to its readers in volumes and conveys the spirit of what fandom is all about. Over the years Dennis has always taken the time to communicate with the contributors whether it be hashing over article details, deadlines, and when the issue with their article might be published. Unfortunately, I’ve learned over the course of things not many editors or publishers will be so accommodating. Anytime I’ve received a shipment of the magazine, Dennis always leaves a note saying “Thanks, Paul. Good luck!” and “Have a great time!” – something you don’t see too often in this world anymore. One of the nicest compliments I’ve heard from “Scary” readers at various conventions over the years is, “This reminds me of FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND.” I have to agree and its further testament to Dennis pouring his heart and soul into this effort. This gentleman is a true “Monster Kid” in every sense of the word and I’m honored to have made some small contribution to the magazine. “Stay Scary,” my friend, and thanks for the “Monster Memories” and hopefully for twenty more years to come!

Paulzilla has written for numerous issues of SM including an article on Horror Host Dr. Madblood featured in issue #38…


California Horror Host Shane “Remo D” Dallmann: Greetings and salutations!

I would like to congratulate Dennis on his milestone and commend him for his stellar efforts in maintaining the vitality of not only our beloved genre but the way in which we always hope to see it presented.

Naturally, my personal favorite SCARY MONSTERS memory involves the coverage of the October 2003 Cinema Wasteland show… you won’t see ME in the issue, but that’s my son Cameron (then four years old) with the huge smile on his face in the company of A. Ghastlee Ghoul. Memories worth a lifetime were made that weekend, and SCARY MONSTERS preserved one of the very best.

The issue Shane is referring to is none other than issue #49…


National Horror Host, Rich Koz/Svengoolie: Opening a copy of Scary Monsters makes me flash back to being a kid, and seeing my cousin’s copies of “Famous Monsters of Filmland” for the first time! Dennis has captured the true feeling of “for fans-BY fans” in his presentation of one of the most interactive monster mags in existence. With articles written by people with obvious affection for  the genre, and just the right mix of memories, news, and flat-out entertainment, his hard work for all these years deserves major and sincere thanks from all of his. His repeated kindness to the Svengoolie show is much appreciated- it’s always an honor to appear in the pages of Scary Monsters! All the best, Dennis- and keep it coming!

Svengoolie has been featured in many issues of SM including a special Tribute & Cover in issue #62…


Nevada Horror Host Zomboo from Zomboo’s House of Horror Movies: Our own David Albaugh wrote a great article on Zomboo in Monster Memories 2011…: Hello Everybody, it’s your old pal Zomboo. Like many of you horror movie aficionados, the classic scaaary monster movies are my favorites, and I like many of those movies with extra cheese! My favorite source of information on this genre is Scary Monsters Magazine. I even learn new facts about many of these movies from the in depth stories Dennis and Scary Monsters run. You make me look like a genius! Congratulations on 20 years of Scary Monster Memories, and I wish you another 20 years of success. .

Our own David Albaugh wrote a great article on Zomboo in Monster Memories 2011…


James Downing from “Monsters from the Basement”:I remember as a kid I used to love the feeling that I would get went I went to JP Brown Drug Store and would find a new issue of Famous Monsters on the magazine rack. It was an awesome feeling. I can compare it to the feeling you got as a kid waking up on Christmas morning and seeing what Santa had left. Now, as an adult I don’t really get that feeling very often – Only when I see a new issue of Scary Monsters! I love this magazine and to me it is the only magazine that even comes close to Famous Monsters. I love the fact that it is all black and white, that just adds to coolness of it all. Dennis has created one of the few magazines that I read cover to cover. Here’s to another 20 for Dennis and Scary Monsters!!!


Horror Host and Washington DC Television icon, Count Gore De Vol: As far as I’m concerned there were only TWO great horror based fan magazines. The original “Famous Monsters of Filmland” and “Scary Monsters Magazine!”  And only “Scary Monsters” has kept up the tradition. This is, of course due to the tireless efforts of Dennis Druktenis! Dennis eats, sleeps and loves the genre like no one I’ve met. Happy 20th Anniversary to a true monster champion!

May all your blood be warm and your magazine live forever!

Count Gore De Vol has been featured in many issues of SM including as far back as #11…


Horror Host Count Gregula: Con-Drac-ulations to Dennis on his 20th Anniversary of Scary Monsters Magazine! That Fright Mag is a Ghoul’s BEAST Fiend! Here is to many more “Afterlives” of horror stories to come for future generations to read! Long live Scary Monsters!!!

Countess Gregula: Bats O’ Luv, Dennis! Happy 20th Anniversary! You Rock!

Interview with Dennis Druktenis, Courtesy of Count Gregula’s Crypt!



Dave Fuentes & David Albaugh ~


5 thoughts on “20 Years of Scary Monsters Magazine

  1. Kent R. Daluga aka kooky from scary monsters……proud to call him friend before “scary” and will still be his friend after “scary”……is just a legend!!! keep the “sense of wonder” alive and well my friend, keep it alive!! “K”

  2. unlike most of the magazines one can find on the shelves filled with slick “glossy fashion that cater to mainly blood, spatter & gore, Scary Monsters stands out & alone as the one true monster kid magazine. it is a nostalgia return to childhood memories shared by all remember those special movies & especially Horror Hosts that were our guides into this scary world. thanks to Dennis for giving us a “gathering place” where monster kids are able to once again revisit those memories of yesteryear

    uncle lar
    [ horror host network/archive library]

  3. I was there in the beginning and even had the opportunity to donate information about my local horror host from 1958 to 1961, Gregory Grave. I sent in a crudely written story about a Saturday evening experience watching It! The Terror from Beyond Space and happily saw it published in Scary Monsters #10. Now I am passing all of the fun I had from my beginnings in the 1950’s to my grand kids rendering them into modern day Ghoulicans.

    • Thanks for the great comments, Tom. I never heard of Gregory Grave and would love to know more about him. The devotion we monster fans have towards our childhood hosts is powerful. I’ve been fortunate to have the one I grew up with still operating today but for the majority of others outside of Chicago, their memory is kept alive by fans like you. Should you ever decide to share them in greater detail as you did for SM, I hope you know you’d be welcome to do so here and we’d be very appreciative of it.

      • There is a book called “Television and Movie Hosts” by Elena M. Watson that has Gregory Grave and a later host from the 1980’s show called Creature Feature with Crematia Mortem. There might be a couple of others, The Witching Hour hosted by Marilyn the Witch and Son of Chiller hosted by Penny Dreadful. We also had a long running program on channel 5 called Friday Fright Night, I don’t recall how long it was on but it lasted from the 1970’s to the 1990’s. The host, Hugh Bowen, only made an appearance by voice and he also doubled as news and weather man at 10. Before that he hosted a show who’s name eludes me but he dressed up as a silly looking vampire. On channel 41 in the early to mid ’70’s we had “The Creeper” hosted by a 41 celebrity, Ed Muscari, with the same format who later appeared opposite two other hosts on a show called All Night Live. They were both before VCR’s were common so no video exists except in my head. I searched far and wide for film recordings or old video tape of the 1958 Shock Theater and 1960 Chiller both hosted by Gregory Grave and was only able to get an audio segment of his opening sequence of the Chiller show. The guy had taped an entire show but after providing the short intro refused to share any more. I was informed by someone at the station that video tape wasn’t used until around 1960 and because of the cost was reused effectively destroying all traces of the Chiller program. My Spooky’s Nightmare Mansion aka Spooky Tom’s Nightmare Mansion website went belly up about three years ago where all of my interests were posted so I can no longer direct people there for info. I post things on my Facebook but being very Conservative I am reluctant to share access to avoid being harangued by my enemies about my opinions and beliefs. People seem to have a hard time staying on fun topics like monsters and always feel the need to take a shot. I’ll try to jog my memory about the good old monster days and see what I can come up with and then let you know. If you want on my Facebook just for the fun stuff I can do that or I can just post things on the Scary Monsters wall. I placed something there today but it disappeared when I hit the publish button so I’m not sure what happened. Feel free to contact me any time as I have some magazine articles on the subject of Horror Hosts and the 1958 Shock Theater phenomenon including several local articles on Gregory Graves aka Harvey Brunswick. I even have the 1958 Gunsmoke TV Guide with articles about several horror hosts including he and Marilyn the Witch.

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