Bumming a Cigarette from Corey Feldman & other Crazy Moments at Horrorhound Weekend!

img_4621Gluttons for Horror!

After being sufficiently “hyped up” from our previous night’s meeting with Svengoolie (see David A’s recent Blog), we were eager to embark on our journey to Indianapolis to attend Horrorhound Weekend!  Last year’s convention was life changing for me (see seven part blog series covering that event) and this time was sure to be even more amazing as I would be attending with my like-minded co-blogger, and best friend, David.


It was just four months after the last Indy Horrorhound that TERROR FROM BEYOND DAVES was created and we’ve always thought of ourselves as the bastard child of Scary Monsters Magazine and Horrorhound’s Vampira Tribute. This time around, most of the hosts in attendance would already know who we are from their participation in our weekly reports and, in many ways, it would be more like a macabre family reunion versus public event.

vamp-groupHORRORHOUND WEEKEND 2010: The Vampira Tribute!

We arrived at the Marriott around 4pm and quickly brought in our luggage before heading downstairs to the main hall. Like most fan-based gatherings, it is the fans themselves that add an extra level of fun and excitement to the occasion. Many folks were dressed up as creepy characters (some as well known faces in horror while others chose original designs) providing lots of laughs as well as great photo ops.



The convention set up was a bit different than last year. For one thing, Horrorhound no longer had to share space with other groups, such as elderly war veterans or The Christian Women’s League (combos that went about as well together as peanut butter and pizza), as they did the previous year.

This time around we had the entire building to ourselves which was a good thing since every bit of space would prove necessary. A hotel attendant later told me that Horrorhound is their largest event and one in which the entire staff dreads the most – later conceding that it also brings in the most money. After one look at the eager crowds of fans, it was easy to see why.

img_5370Hotel staff – not sure what to make of “Kitty Zombie”

As a rule, Saturdays are always the busiest day for any weekend convention. David and I wanted to hang out with our horror host friends but also wanted to meet some of the celebrity guests featured as well. As the celebs were Horrorhound’s main draw, this was something that needed to be done Friday before the bulk of the conventioneers arrived.

Disappointed that we would not be meeting the Italian horror maestro, Dario Argento (who canceled a couple of months back due to filming commitments), we debated for weeks whether we wanted to see his replacement, Corey Feldman. My old friend, Jason Lucas, was our camera man and (like every good Jason) was a big fan of the FRIDAY THE 13th films. Feldman having played a part in one of its better entries; FRIDAY THE 13th PART IV: THE FINAL CHAPTER made him of interest to Jason.


This decision would ultimately be made for us. As we entered an elevator Friday evening t0 see Jason, Feldman walked out with his entourage. He saw us and, with a cigarette in his mouth said, “Hey guys,” causing it to drop out of his mouth and on to the floor. Not phased in the least, he continued walking without bothering to pick it up. I immediately dived for it and later gave it to  Jason as a gag gift. Talk about bumming a smoke! My understanding is that it is now sitting in a glass curio cabinet on permanent display in his apartment.

img_4409Jason approves of his new souvenir

We decided that this brief encounter was sufficient enough and we’d bypass the convention’s main headliner. FRIDAY THE 13th Part IV, GREMLINS, & THE LOST BOYS are all great movies (both featuring a young Feldman) but they were nothing in my world next to THE FOG and the original HALLOWEEN series.

Next chapter: The Daves meet The Toms – Tommy Lee Wallace & Tom Atkins!

Dave Fuentes~

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