Svengoolie gives nod to Terror Daves in his Blog!


The Daves were honored to see us mentioned this morning in Svengoolie’s blog. Read on…

Excerpt from Svengoolie Blog 4-3-2011: Speaking of those fans around the nation-many years ago, my show was on the air in Boston- and those broadcasts were the basis for a nice article in a current special issue from our friends at “Scary Monsters” magazine. In the all-new “Monster Memories 2011 Yearbook”-David Albaugh writes about his memories of TV horror hosts- and tells about how,growing up in Rhode Island, he could pick up the “Creature Double Feature” on that station out of Boston- where he watched some guy named “Son of Svengoolie”! He writes about how he thought that I was actually broadcasting out of Boston, due to special segments I would tape that mentioned specific things about Boston and the station (we had to do that, at the time, for every city we were seen in- good thing we won’t have to customize the show for every place we’ll now be showing!) Dave writes about how my show got him hooked on horror host programs-and how he still watches us thanks to friends who send him recordings! hang in there, Dave- here’s hoping we’ll be showing up on a station near you once again ( it’s only fair that it happens every 20-something years or so!)-and thanks for the memories! (By the way, Dave and another Dave- Dave Fuentes-write about horror and horror hosts in their blog “Terror from Beyond the Daves”-   -check it out!)

Funny thing- in that same “Monster Memories” magazine- about three articles before Dave’s horror host story- there’s an article about the “Creature Double Feature” that ran on WLVI in  Boston- which was actually the same station Dave watched that I ran on- as part of that double feature-but that article has no mention of me! Like one of my friends used to say- “stick your finger in a glass of water, then remove it- that’s how much of an impression you’ve made!”

Also, come back on Tuesday, April 5th, for a followup as David A. discusses meeting his idol for the first time!

The Daves 

One thought on “Svengoolie gives nod to Terror Daves in his Blog!

  1. Hey Svengoolie,
    This is Matt Sanborn and I wrote that article on Creature Double Feature. We are pleased to announce we are having a convention dedicated to the show on Sept 24, 2011 in Norwood, MA. Please drop me a line, I’d love to talk with you.

    Matt Sanborn

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