Memories of TOPPS Wacky Packages!


Last week our President spoke to the Nation via his annual State of the Union Address. Like all such speeches, the tone was hopeful as the country was informed that its economic malaise was starting to improve. I certainly hope this is the case though, currently, there seems to be a clear divide between rhetoric and reality. One has only to drive down the main street of my own town of Homewood, Illinois and stare at the empty buildings that once housed various stores and small businesses to see this contrast.

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Growing up (and Growing Older) with Rich Koz’s Svengoolie!

Svengoolie and Dave Fuentes

It’s hard to imagine what my life would have been like had I not had the honor of growing up with Svengoolie. The “1970’s world” I was raised in was devoid of  VCR/DVD’s and DVR cable. Consequently, watching monster movies at your own convenience was simply not the option that it is today. I suppose this is the “you kids don’t know how good you have it” story that my generation gets to tell in place of “having to walk six miles to school in the freezing cold.” All kidding aside, however, you really did have to be home at the right time to catch a rare showing of what interested you. During this era, many of us “scary movie” kids depended on our local horror hosts to reliably deliver those goods.

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