Earlier this year I did a blog on the company REMCO Toys, emphasizing their monster figure line (seen HERE). Not only was this a great introduction to the toys, but it also introduced us to Kris Mobley, an artist who grew up with these toys and wanted to create a limited edition tribute to the Creature From The Black Lagoon figure.


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Remco Monster Figures – A Blast From The Past!

I am a huge fan of toys; always have been, always will be. Growing up, I always leaned towards toys with a science fiction theme for my hours of playtime fun and some of my favorites were Mego’s Micronauts and the World’s Greatest Super-Heroes 8″ action figure line as well as the original Kenner Star Wars toys. While researching this article, and the toy company REMCO, I found that I also had a lot of what they had to offer back in the day. They may not have been the largest toy-making company but they did offer a wide variety of toys that made us boys drool when we saw the commercials or saw them offered in the annual Sears Catalog Christmas Wishbook.


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