“Dark Skies” Brightens the Theater for UFO Buffs and those that Want to Believe!


I have to admit that it’s been a while since I really enjoyed seeing a movie on the big screen. Oh sure, I’ve seen plenty of films that were “okay” and it’s always nice getting out with friends, but there have been few where I felt drawn in to the story or any type of reaction for that matter. Last Friday, I headed out to see DARK SKIES. I didn’t know much about the film except that it dealt with alien visitors and, ironically, I have been in a UFO kind of mood these days. I decided to give it and, must say, I was pleasantly surprised!

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Things you never knew about the movie, “Poltergeist!”

Another great feature of this past DAYS OF THE DEAD convention in Indianapolis was the reunion of two POLTERGEIST cast members, Oilver Robbins (Robbie Freeling) and Martin Casella (Marty)! The two joined again for a Q&A panel to discuss the film while revealing some new insights on what went on behind the scenes! Thanks to our friends, Ron & Angela Urban, here are some juicy tidbits…

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Horror Takes a Bow: An Interview with Wildclaw Theatre’s Scott Barsotti!

Scott Barsotti on the set of THE REVENANTS 2009!

Earlier this past week I highlighted my amazing experience seeing the play KILL ME (see story HERE) courtesy of Wildclaw Theatre! Afterwards I had an opportunity to chat with the young and talented playwright, Scott Barsotti, and I have no doubt you will find his as endearing to your horror hearts as I did…

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