SEVEN DORMS OF DEATH Will Not Leave You Dead And Buried by Jason Schoolcraft

The Daves would like to welcome friend and fellow horror fan Jason Schoolcraft to our site with his take on the film Seven Dorms Of Death! We are honored that Jason is sharing his first blog with us here on Terror From Beyond The Daves! Now, a little about Jason from Jason!

My name is Jason Schoolcraft and,  just like the Terror Daves, I’ve always loved movies and animals! The former was sparked by my local library playing classic Our Gang/Little Rascals shorts back when I was growing up in the ‘70s. Later, my world would be forever changed when I was thirteen and my best friend Mike’s dad took us to a midnight showing of the original Dawn of the Dead by George Romero. I can honestly say that the film changed my life and single-handedly sparked a love of horror that persists to this day. I’m now forty-nine years young and fortunate to work at the Roger Williams Park Zoo (the same one that Terror Dave Albaugh works at) for twenty-six years and also part-time at a movie theater for the last nineteen. Both jobs have their perks but being affiliated with a theater not only garners me free admission but an introduction to just about every genre imaginable. In fact, calling me a “movie lover” is a definite understatement as I watch, on average, about 350-400 movies a year; not an exaggeration as I track and “grade” every single one of them! Though I’ve gained a broad appreciation for cinema, horror remains at the top, and my latest viewing was one I felt compelled to share with all of you.

12809699_10208948303844641_947090932020647278_nPhoto courtesy of Scorpio Film Releasing.

You need to see Baron Von Blah as the Horror host of the Celluloid Crypt (what a great name) in Seven Dorms of Death!

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