Midnight Syndicate’s NEW “Monsters of Legend” CD to be unleashed!


(From Midnight Syndicate)  On July 19, Midnight Syndicate will release it’s sixteenth studio album, “Monsters of Legend.” This “tribute to the golden age of horror” will feature sweeping symphonic horror instrumental music and sound effects in the signature style the band pioneered. “We want to make you feel like you are a character in one of those classic horror films – that you’ve entered a world where any one of the iconic characters from the Universal Horror and Hammer Films could be right around the corner,” said composer Edward Douglas.

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Vocalist Destini Beard releases A Time Forgotten CD featuring music of Midnight Syndicate


August 7, 2012 (Cleveland, OH) – Vocalist Destini Beard has released A TIME FORGOTTEN, her first full-length album and followup to 2010’s successful THE DARK MASQUERADE EP.   As with her previous release, the album showcases Destini’s lyrics and haunting, alluring vocal performances and arrangements blended with music from gothic horror music pioneers Midnight Syndicate.

Insane for Svengoolie at the Amhurst Asylum!


On the chilly first day of October, I made my way to Valparaiso, Indiana to catch National Horror Host, Svengoolie, during his annual appearance at the Amhurst Asylum Haunted Attraction! Turning off a busy main highway, I soon found myself on rural country roads which, for a horror fan, isn’t always a good thing. For awhile I started worrying that I was lost, until a small sign appeared near a cross-way pointing to the venue.

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Midnight Syndicate’s 13th Hour Arrives Not a Moment Too Soon!


Halloween. When most people hear that word they think of trick-or-treating, jack’o lanterns and candy. For someone like me, a home haunter, I think of scaring the crap out of kids and making them earn their treat! I have been doing a yard haunt since 1985 and one thing I have found is that it is getting increasingly difficult to scare the kids, in part because of what kids now experience daily in movies and video games! The reactions I used to get in the late 80’s are certainly more of a challenge these days!

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Midnight Syndicate’s “Carnival Arcane” is a Freakshow of Fun!

mscdMidnight Syndicate to release new Carnival Arcane CD August 2nd.

Gothic horror soundtrack musicians MIDNIGHT SYNDICATE will be releasing their fourteenth studio album, entitled CARNIVAL ARCANE, on August 2nd. “The theme of the new disc surrounds the Lancaster-Rigby Carnival, a shadowy, turn-of-the-century traveling circus with more than a few skeletons in its closet,” said Edward Douglas. “The Victorian and Edwardian eras are a big source of inspiration for us. They also marked the beginning of the heyday for traveling carnivals, so that’s the time period we chose to set the disc in. We spent a lot of time researching early-20th century circuses and carnivals to ensure that the sounds and music work together to really immerse you in this world and the time period. There’s also a big tip of the top hat to Mr. Bradbury whose work inspired many of the more horrific elements that appear in the latter half of the disc.” CARNIVAL ARCANE also features the vocal talents of Jason Carter (LORD OF THE RINGS: BATTLE FOR MIDDLE EARTH, BABYLON 5, THE DEAD MATTER) and fellow THE DEAD MATTER cast members Brian Van Camp, and Dennis Carter, Jr.

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