Gre-Gory, the Big Bad Vampire Bat, by Mattel, is a toy that though I never owned personally, is one I always remembered! Being a monster fan as a child meant monster toys that for the most part were few and far between. I remember when I first saw the commercials for this toy it was something I wanted immediately (though to be honest, I don’t remember why I never got one)! This toy came out in 1978 and to this day I am surprised that it never made it to my Christmas list!

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Cool Monster Toys of the 80’s – BOGLINS!!!


I will always say that growing up in the 70’s was the best time to be a kid. We had THE BEST toys available to us and in my opinion, there has not been a better assortment of toys available to kids since. One of the top toy manufacturers at the time was MEGO, who specialized in the 8″ WORLD’S GREATEST SUPER-HEROES figures as well as MICRONAUTS and even a cool robot called 2-XL that played 8-track tapes full of interactive games and questions.

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