Returning to “Return of the Living Dead!”


There are so many types of horror movies out there…slashers, vampires, werewolves, inbred families, etc. It seems like most of these come and go in cycles. One successful movie will come out and then all of a sudden you will be inundated with similar movies and television shows. One type of movie though doesn’t seem to subscribe to this…the zombie movie. It seems that they have always been there, lurking in the background ready to strike at a moments notice. With the exception of a period during the 80’s, we have never really been overwhelmed with zombie films. They are sporadic and there certainly seems to be more hits than misses. The movie I am talking about here is certainly one of the hits!

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Girlfriend from Hell – An ’80s Cult Classic!


So we’ve all been there…been in that one relationship where everything you did was for that someone special. Of course you later find out that you were just being taken advantage of…the relationship from Hell. There is nothing quite like being used for your kindness and generosity! And who can forget being set up with someone by your friend, only to find out they were not what you expected? This is where our movie, GIRLFRIEND FROM HELL (1989), comes in.

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