Book Review: The Illustrated History Of Don Post Studios by Lee Lambert

Like many monster kids I grew up with the magazine Famous Monsters of Filmland. One of my favorite aspects of this magazine were the Captain Company ads that appeared in the back, showcasing so many cool monster toys and collectibles. One ad in particular always drew my attention; it was the one for Don Post Studios masks. My favorite has always been the Grey Timberwolf but at the time I couldn’t afford one so all I could do each month was look at the ad and dream.


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2013 MASK-FEST: Aliens, Hydras, and a Frankenstein Pig!


The 2013 MASK-FEST at Horrorhound Weekend in Indianapolis featured LOTS of gruesome faces crafted by some extremely talented people! At first I was going At first I was gonna choose a handful of my favorites to share but that was a bit daunting as I liked almost all of them, So I’ve decided to share just about all of them to be dispersed weekly (probably lasting until the next MASK-FEST). So let’s get started with fun images from the premiere horror mask event… Continue reading