Surviving THE WALKING DEAD’s Terminus!

On Tuesday March 31st we decided to take a side trip from our hotel in Chattanooga to Atlanta and see their zoo & pandas. It made sense since we had our hotel for three nights and Atlanta was only about 90 minutes south. It was a decision we would not regret. Just six minutes from the zoo was a location setting used in the AMC show, The Walking Dead, “Terminus.” And, just like those zombie apocalypse-worn characters, we were determined to find it!


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Frightful chain of stores finally brings the SPIRIT back in Halloween!


During the Halloween season, I’ve always been partial to the mom and pop costume shops. For one thing, I like to support the little guy but, for another, they also tend to carry less of the mass produced products bigger chains do. Unfortunately those stores are becoming a rarity thanks, in large part, to chains such as Spirit Halloween and Halloween Town.

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