HATCHET III: Three Hatchets are NOT the charm!

Hatchet 3

Terror from Beyond the Daves is pleased to welcome back, David Albaugh…

This past weekend saw the release of the much-anticipated third entry in the Adam Green horror trilogy, HATCHET. You could either see this in select theaters or OnDemand and, since there weren’t any theaters in my area chosen for this film, I opted for OnDemand.

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Stone Cold Terror: Winter Horror Films that give you a Chill!

Dead Snow 3

So here I am in Rhode Island going through our first blizzard of  the winter. The storm, which dumped 15+ inches of snow and sleet, could have been a lot worse. In addition to having 50+ mile an hour winds, it is also bitterly cold. Flights are cancelled and workplaces are shut down. With the high winds and heavy snows, many branches came down and on a personal level, my greenhouse collapsed from the weight of the snow and ice. Through it all though, I am thankful that we didn’t lose power, phones or heat and the storm hit the day after Christmas. One thing I try to do now is find the positive in any given situation which is why I am not complaining, even though it has started snowing again. After discussing this with my co-blogger he suggested a piece on horror movies that take place in similar situations that I am going through now. After thinking about it I realized that there are quite a few movies out there that take place during snowy, winter conditions. This list is not intended to be complete in any way…these are the films that came to mind quickly and they are listed alphabetically since, in my opinion, they stand on their own and this list is not meant to compare one to the other.

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