“Chastity Bites” but doesn’t suck!


We weren’t sure what to expect upon receiving a screener copy of the 2013 film, Chastity Bites, directed by John V. Knowles. Not only had we never heard of it (something of a phenomena considering how much time we spend perusing horror magazines & websites these cold, winter days) but we also knew that lower budget, Independent films are hit or miss. Soon we BOTH agreed that this one was a definite hit! Not only did this modern tale bring back nostalgic memories of  ’80s teen flicks but managed to do so with genuine jumps and plenty of laughs!

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Girlfriend from Hell – An ’80s Cult Classic!


So we’ve all been there…been in that one relationship where everything you did was for that someone special. Of course you later find out that you were just being taken advantage of…the relationship from Hell. There is nothing quite like being used for your kindness and generosity! And who can forget being set up with someone by your friend, only to find out they were not what you expected? This is where our movie, GIRLFRIEND FROM HELL (1989), comes in.

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