Why You Should Judge a Steelbook by it’s Cover

Steelbook Collection Collage

I recently watched VHS Massacre: Cult Films and the Decline of Physical Media; an entertaining documentary that delves into the loss of hard copy films in favor of streaming services. Having been a teenager in the ‘80s, the film struck a chord as I’d witnessed the rise of VHS tapes first hand and was an avid collector myself. By the ‘90s, I had a custom VHS shelf that took up the better portion of my basement wall.

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“Sinister” is So-So.


Last weekend, on a crisp Rhode Island day, I went and saw the movie SINISTER with the other founding Dave of this site, David Albaugh. We’d seen FRANKENWEENIE the day before and we both enjoyed it, though not as enthusiastically as Dr. Destruction apparently did (see HERE). Now it was on to something a bit more serious. I’d been enamored with this movie the moment I saw the preview and was cautiously optimistic. In other words…the way I need to be before going to see ANY horror movie these days.

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THE POSSESSION helps channel the Halloween Spirit!

September is always a transformational time for me. Not only because it’s the month of my birth but also because, for me, it represents the true beginning of the Halloween season. You always hear folks talking about the “Christmas Spirit” but rarely such sentiment in regards to All Hallows Eve. Well I’m hear to tell you it’s a very REAL phenomena and one I experience every year around this time.

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