The Evil Puppets at 2012 “Days of the Dead” Indianapolis!


Where else could you find evil puppets such as “Billy” from the JIGSAW in Ruby Red Slippers like THE WIZARD OF OZ, GHOULIES, “Gizmo” from GREMLINS (though technically not evil), CRITTERS, and even that pesky gopher from CADDYSHACK? Why that would be DAYS OF THE DEAD of course, which took place this past weekend!

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A Supernatural ’80s Party with “Witchboard!”


There is no shortage of guilty pleasures so far as 1980’s horror movies are concerned. Whether its one of the multitude of slasher films that helped define the decade or one of those goofy GREMLINS inspired rip-offs (CRITTERS, TROLL, GHOULIES, etc) you had plenty of “fun with fright” movies to choose from.

Today I’m going to call to your attention one of my favorite lesser known 80’s films, WITCHBOARD (1986). As soon as it came out on VHS (after a limited release in a paltry 15 theaters), I rented it from my local (and now all but obsolete) “mom and pop” video store. I didn’t have high hopes but, within the first few minutes of snappy dialogue involving a debate between party-goers regarding the existence of God and ghosts, this 16 year old horror fan was hooked!

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