Museum of Broadcast Communications Honors 40 Years of Svengoolie!

A deluge of rain wasn’t enough to deter fans from descending on the Museum of Broadcast Communications to celebrate Svengoolie’s 40th Anniversary. I met up with my fellow super fans, Ron and Angela Urban, who graciously allowed me to join them for the ride into the city – something a suburbanite like myself dreads even when it’s dry out. It was the same arrangement we had five years ago for his 35th. We stopped for a drink at Chicago’s famous Harry Carey’s – hoping the downpour would stop before our walk the museum. It didn’t. When we reached the building we were still too early and asked the young gentleman sitting inside the museum’s lobby if he’d let us have shelter inside. Thankfully, he agreed and we stood to wait next to ZZ Top’s famous car, The Eliminator. This was the official one seen in their humorous videos back in the ‘80s – usually featuring downtrodden individuals getting a much-needed boost from the band.

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The Final Resting Place of Svengoolie’s Old Coffin!


The Conclusion of the 35th Anniversary of Svengoolie story…

We were directed back upstairs to the third floor of The Museum of Broadcast Communications to witness the unveiling of the new Svengoolie exhibit a.k.a. the final resting place of his old coffin. Having grown up with The Son of Svengoolie, it meant a lot to me as it was one of the few props that remained throughout the years. This, of course, lead to its inevitable wear and tear so, nostalgia aside, it was definitely time for an upgrade. I’ve always wanted to see the original in person and now, thanks to the Museum, everyone can!

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Accolades for Rich Koz & the 35th Anniversary of Svengoolie!


We’d no sooner taken our seats in a special area located on the second floor of The Museum of Broadcast Communication, when we were back up on our feet cheering the arrival of Svengoolie. The man of the hour, Rich Koz, was celebrating his 35th anniversary as Chicago’s (and now the majority of this country’s) TV horror host and the room was chock full of devout fans and prominent citizens eager to participate in this one of a kind event.  It was a serious affair that might otherwise seem in direct contrast to a career built on never taking himself too seriously though, in this case, well-deserved.

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Svengoolie’s New Coffin Unveiled TONIGHT!

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After nearly a year since national horror host, Svengoolie, was presented with the prototype for his new coffin (seen HERE) the big night has finally arrived! During tonight’s presentation of The Mad Ghoul (check your local MeTV listings) Svengoolie will reveal the amazing creation of Ryan Guenther and Acme Design! And if you thiought the prototype was fantastic, you’re gonna love the finished product! Thanks to Sven’s assistant, Jim Roche, we’ll be posting detailed shots of it tomorrow (for the benefit of those who don’t get MeTV  and tune in tonight) while pointing out a few details some may have missed during the broadcast.

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