“Nightmare on Chicago Street” the Ultimate Adult Halloween Attraction!


The silence of a crisp October night is rattled by the sounds of marching soldiers as military personnel survey the bedlam. The town’s once idyllic streets are now strewn with wrecked vehicles, scattered debris, and even rotting corpses. As you move further down the road (your brain trying to process what your eyes can’t possibly be witnessing) you observe terrified locals scurrying in panic followed by yet another group of terrestrials; this second wave decisively less agile than the first. Moments later, as they amble their way into view, you realize that these really aren’t people at all…

At least not anymore.

It isn’t long before you notice the visible wafts of mist (created by your own erratic breathing in the cold night air) has increased; your heart pumping in tandem. This is a natural physical response when one discovers that they are in a decidedly unnatural situation. By then, of course, it’s too late.

You’ve unwittingly gone from casual observer to active participant in a town now overrun by the walking dead.