John Russo Reminisces on George Romero & “Night of the Living Dead”

I know I speak for many of my fellow horror fans when I say how saddened we Daves were at the news regarding George Romero’s passing. I had the honor of meeting him twice; once in Indianapolis in 2010 and then the following year with the other Dave in Massachusetts. When the news broke, I wrote on our Facebook page how he was one of the most fan-friendly celebrities you could ever meet; spending as much time as he could with you despite the prodding of his handlers. Romero had been scheduled to attend the convention we’ve been in the midst of covering, Days of the Dead Indianapolis, but his declining health forced his cancellation. The “godfather of zombies” had been slated to do a Q&A panel that Saturday afternoon and many of us wondered how DOTD planned on filling the space. It wasn’t until that morning when we learned there would, indeed, be another panel and that it would feature Romero’s dear friend and Night of the Living Dead co-writer, John A. Russo. The following dialogue is based off the audio recordings taken during that hour…

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“Well, Now That You’ve Called Me By Name…” Henry Fonda & His Lesser Known Foray into Horror!

Terror from Beyond the Daves is pleased to welcome guest writer, Mark Spangler, and his nod to a screen legend we horror fans may have overlooked.


We’ve come to know our horror screen legends as one of the family.   Not that you’d want Jason Voorhees, Frankenstein’s monster or Pumpkinhead as frequent dinner guests (imagine the mess), but there’s something safe and comforting in the familiar, especially for fans of the horror genre.  This is why picking the right actor for the right role is so crucial in the world of celluloid monsters – and why unusual moves in this department often misfire.

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