Jack O’Lantern Spectacular 2014 Part 3!


Roger Williams Park Zoo’s Jack O’Lantern Spectacular is still kicking and, from what I hear, has been a huge success! Judging by our next set of photos, it’s easy to see why!

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Jack O’Lantern Spectacular 2014 Part 1!


Halloween is a particularly spooky time in Terror Dave Albaugh’s native New England.  He’s fortunate to also be working at a place that has a unique way of celebrating the holiday, The Roger Williams Park Zoo! Jack O’Lantern Spectacular is their big event and features a gigantic collection of skillfully carved pumpkins and we’ve featured it for the past several years (you can see last year’s introduction HERE). Like last year, I won’t be able to see it for myself so, like many of you, I’m relying on David to send us pictures from the big event (though this should not imply that pictures are a suitable substitute so, if you’re able to get there, DO IT!) . Because these are real pumpkins, they eventually die and new designs are sent in as replacements. So even if you are fortunate to attend one night, you’re bound to see something new via these posts. Every year has a theme and 2014 is “The Alphabet” promising a cornucopia of thrills from A to Z. The event began October 2nd and will run until November 2nd. And so, without further adieu…

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Jack O’Lantern Spectacular Halloween Finale!

photo (22)

With Halloween just around the counter, it’s time to share the final shots from this year’s Jack O’Lantern Spectacular at The Roger Williams Park Zoo in Rhode Island!  As covered in our first chapter HERE, the theme this is year The United States of America with intricately carved pumpkins depicting scenes from our country’s history along with its 50 states (such as Idaho, above).  These are scattered among others that can be as playful as LEGO’s or as gruesome as blood-soaked Care Bears. Halloween is synonymous with special treats, so enjoy this relatively “wordless” blog in favor of a little “eye candy!”

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Jack O’Lantern Spectacular: It’s a Zombie Zoo!


Ever since zombies have effectively crawled their way into our popular culture, I’ve always wished that Hollywood would take the whole undead thing into a new direction and see what an apocalypse would look like if the only ones affected were animals. I suppose it hasn’t been tackled yet on account of such an endeavor being too costly; especially if done correctly with old school special FX and not the kind of garbage one sees on the SyFy Channel. Fortunately, the creative minds at The Roger Williams Park Zoo in Rhode Island give us a gruesome taste via their annual Jack O’ Lantern Spectacular! This year features some carvings dedicated to reanimated creatures…great (like the awesome elephant pictured above) and small. Let’s take a further look…

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Jack O’ Lantern Spectacular sets New England aglow this Halloween Season!

photo (1)

Each year, Terror Dave Albaugh’s Roger Williams Park Zoo in Rhode Island, puts on their premiere Halloween fundraiser ala’ Jack O’ Lantern Spectacular! I first saw this event two years ago and would go on to cover it both on this site (along with my Brookfield Zoo’s Creatures of the Night that year HERE) as well as in an issue of Scary Monsters Magazine. I would return the following year and find myself equally mesmerized.

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