A Blog without Social Media?

Recently, I finally had the courage to do something I’ve wanted to do for years – delete my Facebook and Twitter accounts. It wasn’t to curb any addiction, since my posts were sporadic at best, and any “mindless” scrolling I indulged in scant achieved any dopamine hits psychologists speak of. Rather, I hung on because I didn’t want anyone to think I’d blocked them (hurt their feelings) when they couldn’t find me and I had this blog. As any content creator will tell you, social media is an important tool for getting your work out there. Although the number of folks who “Liked” my page was rather sparse (under 2,000), I appreciated each and every one of them because they were organic. I never have, nor ever will, pay for “likes” or “views.”

Terror from Beyond the Dave will start its lucky thirteenth year of existence this July. With over a decade of content floating around, I’m fortunate to obtain a steady number of views without having to write anything for months at a time. The ad revenue these views generate pays for my annual WordPress fees along with a little extra for a few Blu-rays if I’m lucky. However, with my social media accounts gone, and the pressure of getting people to “Like,” Subscribe,” and “Share” my content no longer of concern, I’m hoping to post more often and be more conversational while I’m at it. Hopefully, people will still manage to find me and stick around after they have.



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