“In Search of Darkness” and Finding the 1980s

I was scrolling social media and noticed a post from Creator VC looking for reviewers to discuss their latest documentary, In Search of Darkness Part Two. This four-hour and twenty-three-minute opus, delves even deeper into ‘80s horror films, running only slightly longer than its predecessor. You’d think nearly nine hours of retrospective would be overkill but, then again, this is the big ‘80s we’re talking about. It was a magical time for a young horror fan, like myself, thanks to the proliferation of VHS tapes, video stores, and a gang of creative filmmakers influenced by the classic monsters they’d grown up with. In addition to that, the success of the low-budget phenomenon Halloween (1978) all but ensured the new decade become a golden age of slashers. Once those floodgates were opened, my world would be dominated by iconic killers who used just about every holiday on the calendar as an excuse to hack up groups of lascivious teenagers. I’d just watched both documentaries and that aforementioned social media request inspired me to come out of hibernation. Part Two had arrived in my mailbox the previous Saturday afternoon which was ironic since I’d just spent that morning visiting our local video store for the last time, taking advantage of their “Going out of Business Sale.” In truth, it’s a testament of stamina that our Family Video – which has stood for over thirty years in my hometown – had lasted even this long. They’d fought the good fight; merging with the pizza place next door (patrons could have their movies and pizza delivered together) and later becoming the local Mecca of CBD oil. In the end, streaming services would drive the last nail into their coffin as it had done so many others before.


4 thoughts on ““In Search of Darkness” and Finding the 1980s

  1. Dude, I cried when the last Silver Screen Video in our, then town. It was Beta that I first had and rented.

    • I totally understand. Before this one came along we had a mom & pop video store which we’d go every weekend and get a stack of movies. Half the time you had no information on them and only the covers to go by which made it all the more fun.

  2. I also just finished this MONSTER of the 4+hour documentary! And I, like you, also grew up during the glorious 80’s. But I lived less than a 1/2 from my local theater. Mostly played 2nd run films but not always. But no matter the movie of the week me and my buddy would see them all. And if was good we would go multiply nights. I thought I caught all the good slashers, but watching this doc and it’s predecessor It was clear I missed a few. And what I love about these doc’s I can pause and write them down and go hunt them. Lucky for me many are available on one or another of the many services my home subscribes to and I have gone and bought a few. But I’m fortunate I have a few friends that have even MORE movies than I do and they will loan them to me, and for that I am grateful!. So not only did this bring back fond memories it got me back on the SLASHER bandwagon!! I hope they make another one of these documentaries.

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