Jack O’Lantern Spectacular: Providence and Louisville Carving Mash-up!

Jack O’Lantern Spectacular is a seasonal event that began in New England and has since spread to Louisville, Kentucky and (more recently) the Minnesota Zoo. It boasts 5,000 carved pumpkins which include your simple jack o’ lanterns along with the “intricates.” These eye-catching works of art feature detailed images that are truly breathtaking. Last year I visited the Louisville event on November 1st but never posted any of those pics since…well…Halloween was over. So when my friend, Jason Schoolcraft, sent shots from the JOLS taking place at his Roger Williams Park Zoo in Rhode Island, I figured I’ share pictures of both. I should note that just like any carved pumpkin, these don’t last and are always being swapped out for new designs. So let’s dive in…

New England’s JOLS takes place at a zoo along a trail that’s away from the animals. Moving at a steady pace, it’ll take you a good hour to get through. Their event usually has a theme with many of the detailed pumpkins supporting. Here are some random shots from this year’s event…


Louisville’s JOLS takes place at Iroquois Park – a 1/3 mile loop with a lot more slopes than New England’s version. It also has more space for special features such as a giant neon octopus and a section featuring three large flying saucers in flight.


With just a week left, folks living near any of the three Jack O ‘Lantern Spectacular events should definitely check it out. If you’re too old to go trick or treating, this is the next best family event!

Special thanks to Jason Schoolcraft for sharing his photos from Roger Williams Park!


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