Music to Die For: “House of Wax” by The New Occupants!

I received a pretty cool song to share courtesy of John Paul Check from Fortune Frog Music.  They’re an independent label based out of Minneapolis’s North loop.  Since its founding in 2016 Fortune Frog has helped a variety of artists realize their musical goals.  Through October they’ve proudly worked with The New Occupants bringing their music to lovers of the Halloween season.

From John Paul Check: Stretching back to their 80’s dance club Top 100 successes The New Occupants have always provided a unique and musical perspective which reflects their fan’s desire for an intellectual, but perhaps somewhat skewed and off-beat worldview. Often filled with driving dance rhythms and quirky lyrics, The New Occupants latest music brings an updated take on those dance-driven parties.  While not exclusively a Halloween band, the New Occupants have always had a fascination with the bizarre and esoteric.  We’re glad “House of Wax” can be a part of your Halloween season!


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