Celebrating Chicago’s “Flashback Weekend” with Michael Myers, Twisty the Clown, & Chucky!


This year’s Flashback Weekend paid homage to the Halloween films (original, remake, and sequels) and featured numerous cast members from the franchise(s) along with an outdoor screening of the original John Carpenter classic.

Joining me on this adventure was the beautiful Susan Hoss who last appeared during our coverage of the Hearse Show (which you can check out HERE). Since Susan looks a helluva lot better in front of the camera than I do, I figured I’d do you all a favor and showcase her in most of the photos rather than myself (you’re welcome).  Flashback Weekend is a family run expo (Mike and Mia Kerz) and usually more navigable than the corporate ones I attend. Consequently, if meeting a horror celebrity is the goal, I find it a LOT easier doing so here. This year’s theme worked out perfectly since it meant adding more signatures to my 1978 Halloween poster. It would also be the the first time I’d see Svengoolie and his crew since C2E2 and this year he’d not only show up for his customary Saturday appearance (greeting fans and hosting the annual costume contest) but also returning the next day for a a special event (more on that later).


We started by perusing the main hall; checking out all the great dealers and artisans throughout. In the far corner was a group called the HSPPA (Horror & Sci-Fi Prop Preservation Association). Just as the name implies, their booth was packed with actual props used in many iconic horror films. What I really like about these guys is that they’re fan friendly (happily let you pose and snap photos with many of their props) while also sure to bring different items to every appearance. So if you’re a horror con regular (as I seem to be these days), then you’re guaranteed to see something new each time you visit them. As a fan of Child’s Play, I was particularly pleased with their 2015  Flashback Weekend selection.  They actually had a few screen-used, boxed Good Guys dolls that Brad Dorif’s character found himself buried in during the 1988 film (shot here in Chicago I might add) as well as an un-boxed Chucky doll from Child’s Play 2  that you could actually hold! They also had some smaller props from the films like Good Guys shoelaces and a knife, but what could possibly top the killer doll himself?





Here’s more maniacal merchandise offered at Flashback Weekend








We also bumped into an old friend, Sal Lizard! I hadn’t seen the evil (but lovable) Santa Claus since the 2011 Indianapolis Horrorhound Weekend and he hadn’t changed a bit…hamming it up while devouring the ladies.



As mentioned, Flashback Weekend features a big costume contest and many of the contestants were seen walking about. We tried to get pictures with as many as we could!



Cthulhu Priest (we know cuz we asked)

Cthulhu Priest (we know cuz we asked)



I noticed more than one guest dressed as Twisty the Clown from American Horror Story: Freakshow. This was no surprise since the actor behind the maniacal grin, John Carroll Lynch, was one of this year’s featured guests! We stopped and listened to his Q&A panel where he was asked what he thought the reason was for his killer clown hitting such a strong chord with fans. Carroll felt the reason was much more due to the character’s personal story rather than his frightening appearance. Anyone who saw that two-part Halloween story arc will attest that it was the best of the season; successfully transitioning viewer’s fear of the clown to sympathy.



And speaking of the special guests, I had a couple I wanted to meet myself. It was time to attend to the task of adding signatures to that poster of mine while meeting the original Michael Meyers himself, Nick Castle!

Coming Up…Meeting Michael Meyers and the day “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” stood up for Charles Cyphers!

Dave Fuentes


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