Cyril Roquelaine’s “Norris Monster” from Carpenter’s THE THING!


A French sculptor by the name of Cyril Roquelaine (and you check out more of their amazing work HERE)  came across our site and thought we’d like to see one of their amazing creations. It’s none other than the “Norris monster” from one of our favorite films, THE THING!


Mr Roquelaine told us it stands an impressive 48 inches and I’m sure I speak for all of my fellow fans when I saw FANTASTIC!




3 thoughts on “Cyril Roquelaine’s “Norris Monster” from Carpenter’s THE THING!

  1. Hello, The Norris Monster is way COOL!!! Also, I am a follower of Scary Monsters Magazine and that is how I found this page. Mr. Dave Fuentes I appreciated your informative articles in the Scary Yearbook issue this year. I am also a South-side Chicagoan and just a few years younger than you so understand what it is like to be a Monster Kid in our generation. A True LOVE for the 1920’s-60’s classics and the 70’s to present day Horror films. I am trying to hopefully bridge the gap between the “old school” Horror & the NEW! With a little bit of Film Noir thrown in. So I have set up a horror blog page to achieve this. ( Check it out & tell me what you think. Thanx!:)

    • Thanks for the comments and your blog looks great! The recent article in the Scary Yearbook was actually written by the other Dave, David Albaugh. I do have some slated for upcoming issues.

      • Sorry about that! The “ode to the stretch Monster” had Dave Fuentes as the author. I am looking forward to your articles in the future. By the way I love Svengoolies new set pics on your page. SWEET! I can’t wait till Dennis Druktenis Scarey 100th issue! It is a big accomplishment! I have been following the magazine since the 26th issue. If your interested, I just put up a post in dedication to Scary Monsters Magazine 100th issue. It’s my Artwork of the Doctor Death character that Vincent Price plays in Madhouse 1974! Please feel free to share this with fellow Monster kids that you would think might be interested in my Tribute to Vincent and Scary Monsters! Thanx!

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