“Svengoolie vs The Clock” at C2E2!


Svengoolie, Lisa Maria Varon, and the MeTV crew (with “me” tagging along) exited the main hall  before heading up several flights of stairs towards the celebrity lounge. Upon reaching the top, we walked along a  balcony which offered a bird’s eye view of C2E2 – And what a sight it was! Thousands of fans looking like busy ants and only moments after I’d been one of them.  It was both awesome and humbling at the same time.


We entered a long room with comfy couches and beverages. In one corner of the room were 8×10 stills of some of the event’s celebrity guests sitting in piles on the floor.


The Sven crew stood off to the side while Svengoolie and Lisa opted for the couches; sitting across from one another. Lisa had her own entourage, all wearing “Squared Circle” T-shirts. I always get a kick out of seeing the charismatic former pro wrestler with her gang of men wearing matching clothes. It reminds me of Catwoman and her gang from the ’60s TV show. I half expected her to be like, “Prrrrr…Svengoolie! We meet again!” while one of her thugs clocks his assistant, Jim Roche. Obviously the C2E2 atmosphere was getting to me.


After a short break it was time to head back downstairs for signing. Sven’s crew did lots of filming for future “Svengoolie on the Road” segments.


As is customary of his annual C2E2 appearances, the Svengoolie turn-out was huge! Sven waited behind the curtain before it was time.



Before things began, Lisa gave an announcement as Sven gave a plug for her amazing restaurant, “The Squared Circle.”


Another great part of observing a Sven appearance at C2E2 is seeing the costumed fans! This event and Elgin’s “Nightmare on Chicago Street” are definitely the most colorful Sven signings.



There were cool items brought in for signing too! The poster below featuring a zombi-fied Svengoolie was purchased by a fan at a recent “Walking Dead” event.



In what seemed like no time at all, a C2E2 staff person reminded the Svengoolie camp that their allotted time was nearly over and they needed to get ready to leave as there was someone else scheduled for that booth. Not wanting to disappoint his fans, Svengoolie opted to sign standing up, using Jim Roche’s help while I carried his bottled water. I don’t think it was particularly comfortable for the host and I doubt my telling him this was the way Gene Simmons signed autographs in Louisville last year made it any easier.





Back out in the Hall Sven met up with a terrific vintage Batman along with the joker. They created a shield for which Sven could defend himself from rubber chicken attacks which made for fun photos.



When it ended, we made our way back upstairs (my daughters rejoined me) and rested some more before the Sven crew would seek more convention footage. Having been on my feet all day and through his signing, I opted for the comfy couch. It was a bad idea. Getting back up a few minutes later would prove excruciating.




Soon Sven was back out with the crew for more footage. I bid him farewell and took my tired legs home so I could prop them up and see Sven again…this time on TV.



Dave Fuentes

2 thoughts on ““Svengoolie vs The Clock” at C2E2!

  1. Aw, how typically graciously Svenlike of him to carry on signing rather than disappoint the fans. No wonder the lines are so long and we minions are so devoted.

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