Weekend Penny/Garou-athon: Horror Hosting with a Heart!


Yesterday at 6pm EST a weekend long marathon of Penny Dreadful’s Shilling Shockers will be taking place via The Kreepy Kastle! The 24 hr a day Horror Host online channel will be featuring some of the show’s greatest hits while also allowing viewer chat. It was only recently that the horror host world was given a less pleasant shocker with the news that Penny’s sidekick (and real life husband) Garou had been  spending the past year battling cancer. The Terror Daves learned of it back in October but kept mum as it was not known to the majority of the public. At the time Penny stayed positive stating that only silver can truly harm her furry companion and, while we’re also hopeful, it does not take into consideration that they are facing steep medical costs that no mere spell can make disappear.

The Kreepy Castle is helmed in part by host, Halloween Jack, who is no stranger to his own close calls as both he and his beautiful sidekick, Halloween Jacqueline, also suffered health scares in 2013. Many hosts have given their support through video tributes and  social media announcements regarding a fund set up to offset medical costs. You can help make a difference too by clicking HERE and helping them out.

For those who have not had the privilege of meeting Penny Dreadful and Garou, both Terror Daves can attest that they are two of the nicest ghouls out there. We’ve met them on several occasions, the last being Labor Day Weekend 2012 when they invited us to their home and showed us their famous attic set. Afterwards we all went out to dinner and shared some laughs; none of us imagining that the following month their world would be turned upside down. We were saddened to hear how they struggled silently and can’t imagine what that must have been like; putting on a happy face during an entire year of anxiety. I think it speaks volumes for the horror host community for how they’ve rallied to their side and we encourage everyone reading this to follow their lead.

Remember you can see the duo in action ALL weekend by clicking HERE and throw some love and support to Garou HERE.

The Terror Daves~

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