Lita Ford Slams “The Runaways” Film…and Sharon Osbourne!


Days of the Dead (associated with New England’s Rock n’ Shock) has a tradition of mixing up their horror related guests with notable rock musicians. Past examples include original members of KISS; Ace Frehley and Peter Criss – with Frehley slated to return this November for their Chicago event. The two interests do go hand and hand and, for further illustration, the immortal Gene Simmons will be appearing at the Fright Night Film Fest in just a few short weeks.

Masters of metal, however, are not exclusive to men as a few notable women have created their own sonic waves; sufficient in shattering rock’s glass ceiling. One such pioneer is the legendary Lita Ford who, along with Joan Jett, Cherie Currie, Sandy West, and Jackie Fox comprised the all-female rock band, The Runaways.

the-runawaysOne line-up of the The Runaways

In 2010, the band received a self-titled, biopic film featuring Dakota Fanning as Cherie Currie along with Kristen Stewart (in the only role I can stand her in) as Joan Jett. Incidentally, Ford was portrayed in the movie by Rob Zombie Halloween star, Scout Taylor Compton…though you barely see her.

Although never achieving the same notoriety as Jett, Lita Ford managed to make her own mark (certainly more so than Currie) and was absolutely worthy of more exposure.
Regardless of her scant depiction, Ford knows exactly who she is and, as if to prove the point, was one of the pricier guests at Days of the Dead. 8 x 10 Photos and pictures with her were $20 (both at a separate charge) with 5 x 7 shots offered for $10. And, at 54 years of age, Russ and I both commented that this was one hard rocker whose remained easy on the eyes.
1Was it wise putting the Hot Ms Ford next to a fire alarm?
Russ is an artist whom I’d first met back in 2010 while covering The Dorian Gray Art Show up in Kenosha (story HERE). For him, it’s the labor of love and he’s proficient at air-brushing, sketching, as well as model making. In his spare time, he’d created some amazing items that would later prove ideal for ingratiating us with guests. For Lita, this would be in the form of a sketch.
2Lita Ford with Russ’ sketch
Ford visibly loved the drawing and stated that she’d have it framed as soon as she got home. Her sunny demeanor, however, would soon change when Russ brought up Sharon Osbourne. Despite Ozzy’s lovable image (off stage, at least) his wife is known for being one of the industries most ruthless business women. For example, years ago the band, Static X, had filmed a DVD while at Ozzfest that never saw the light of day due to Sharon threatening to sue them if it did.
static-x_99_1050Static X: Nothing compared to the static they got from Sharon
After signing with the Sharon Osbourne Management Company, Ford and Ozzy worked together on the 1989 song & video Close Your Eyes Forever. It would prove to be her most successful hit, though the honeymoon wouldn’t last and their dealings eventually cease.
d85o0fibigaf4ty1yd4fde784989edf_oazzy-osbourne-and-lita-ford_mOzzy & Lita: Bigger Hair and Happier Times
Ford would later contend this was due to the Osbournes having marital woes, causing Sharon to be an inattentive manager who may have suspected her and Ozzy of having an affair (something Ford denies).
And so…having brought Ms Ford into a happy emotional place with his sketch, Russ decided to “go there.”
Russ: So you did that video with Ozzy Osbourne…what do you think of Sharon Osbourne?”
Lita: (Rolls eyes) “Oh you mean that C**t!?” She then turned to the guy assisting her (not sure of the relationship but she called him something like “Huggy” or “Hoogie”) and sarcastically asked, “So what do you think of Sharon Osbourne?”
“Mrs. Osbourne the lovable?” he responded. Then made a “pffft” sound before following that up with, “Bitch!” While Ford cracked up I brought up The Runaways movie, asking what she thought of it.
“I don’t know because I never watched it!” she said adamantly. “That wasn’t about The Runaways at all and they should have just called it Joan and Cherie!” She then picked the movie apart with such precision it was amazing that she’d never seen it.
“They barely consulted with me and then removed most of what I’d said or took things completely out of context!” she added. “I’m writing a book of my own that will be the REAL story and it should be out within a year or so.”
SIDE NOTE: If she’s this candid in person, the book’s sure to be a MUST read!
Later, Russ decided to soften the mood by complimenting her on her looks. This would prove to be one of two areas which will require some Terror Dave guidance. When it comes to women, Russ has a tendency to start out complimentary before taking things just the wrong side of pervy. “You look absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I mean you’re just stunning! I wish I could buy this picture (points to a cheeky shot of her wearing chaps) but I have daughters at home. I think you’re just so gorgeous! I…”
“Um…Russ,” I said grabbing his arm. “Let’s take the picture.”
Her assistant snapped the photo and then asked, “How did it turn out? Would you like me to take another?” I was just about to answer him when Russ blurts, “Oh no, I’m sure this ones perfect!”
Thus bringing me to my second convention lesson…
Folks, when paying to get your picture taken with someone, ALWAYS insist on multiple shots! This was something I had to teach the other Terror Dave, too. During our first convention together (the aforementioned Rock n’ Shock), he’d get all kinds of great shots with the celebrities while I’d be praying the ONE he took of me turned out. Now to be fair, he’s a good photographer and they always did but, recently at C2E2, the jittery Steve Gill often had me looking like I’d just watched the VHS tape in the movie, The Ring. Multiple shots means more chances that one turned out so, to summarize…
In the age of digital cameras, and with film no longer an issue, ALWAYS tell people to take a couple photos (and do the same for them). Another tip: if the celebrity is signing something for you, get pictures of them doing that too as they’re great moments to capture. Now where was I?
Ah, yes, Lita Ford…
Definitely a GREAT encounter and, with her wasting no time calling Sharon Osbourne a C U Next Tuesday, a spicy one at that! It’s a shame they haven’t patched things up since then but my guess is that if Russ had his way, the two ladies would settle their differences via duking it out in a cage or jello pit.
And, should such an event ever transpire, my money would firmly be placed on Lita Ford.
Dave Fuentes
 Next up…Jordan Ladd’s “Death Proof” but not above rescuing!

2 thoughts on “Lita Ford Slams “The Runaways” Film…and Sharon Osbourne!

  1. I’ve had the pleasure to meet and hang out with Lita Ford in a casual and fun environment and I thought she was awesome and down to earth! She wasn’t under pressure answering questions about this movie, or any other uncomfortable situations at the time, so I found her to be totally fun, sweet, and humble! She even left a thoughtful and heartfelt note under our hotel room door the next day saying how much that she enjoyed seeing us again. I think she is an awesome lady.
    How she conducts herself in a business situation is none of my concern, and has no impact on my opinion of the woman that I met. If it was a MAN, there wouldn’t even BE a comment made about her “attitude” or ANY remarks that she made…whatever! If you have a dick you can say or do anything and no-one blinks an eye….You GO GIRL!! You’ve been doing it YOU’RE way this long, don’t change now!!

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