2013 Horrorhound Weekend Part 1: That Crazy Opening Night!


It was around 3pm on Friday, March 22nd when I arrived in Cincinnati for Horrorhound Weekend. Brian Maze from monkeygoatboy.com graciously asked me if I’d like to save expenses and room with him. This was in lieu of the person he was originally supposed to be going with cancelling due to an injury. Brian was staying at the Livinn Hotel which, while across the street from the event’s official hotel, was actually right next door to the Sharonville Convention Center and closer. Rather than seeking out my press pass, Brian saved me a LOT of anguish by also giving me his fallen compadre’s “vendor pass” which was even better. This act of kindness can not be understated as getting inside that convention center was like storming the gates of Mordor.

I can honestly say that not since attending the last STAR WARS CELEBRATION had I seen a line like this one! Actually there were TWO of them, each wrapping their way around the entire complex and hours before the event was slated to even begin. Weekend passes had sold out before the event so many were standing in line for Friday night only. I later heard some disgruntled folks (who’d waited in line hours) stating that while there were six people assembled to take registrations, there was only ONE credit card machine. I don’t know if that’s true or not but I can say that when I walked out the door at 9pm that line didn’t look any smaller and  I really felt for these poor fans. The celebrity lines weren’t much better and, clearly, The Walking Dead cast was a major draw.


2This is just one line, folks. It actually had a “twin” going the other way!

As I stood there staring at the lines with my mouth open. Brian yelled, “This way!” and led me around the building to the vendor’s entrance. I helped Brian set up his spot along with the agreement that I would relieve him there whenever he needed a break. Soon the doors would open and the masses would begin plowing in.

3Terror Dave & Brian Maze!

After Brian was settled, I took a walk to see the layout. I found my friend, J.D. Feigelson, sitting at the VCI table and heard they did quite well. I then set out to find the horror hosts. Unlike last year, the hosts were intermingled with other vendors in a room adjoining the main hall. Wisconsin PA host, Dr. Destruction, had been texting me about my whereabouts throughout the day and his sidekick, Eyegore, helped me navigate a better route than my GPS provided. I found him sitting at his booth which was much more elaborate than the one he had last year.


It’s always nice seeing Dr. Destruction but apparently since I announced recently that I am the lone Terror Dave he’s under the impression that I should be on some type of suicide watch. Throughout the weekend, no matter what I was doing or who I was with, he would come up to me and go, “Are you okay?”…”I hate seeing you like this”…You’ve got to snap out of it!”…Is everything okay, you seem depressed?” While I appreciate his concern, for one thing I was fine and having a good time and, for another, I wasn’t even thinking about my flying solo until HE’D keep bringing it up!

5Really, Dr. Destruction, I’m FINE!

Not far away was Count Gore De Vol and it’s always nice getting a chance to see him as well. I wasn’t sure how he’d greet me as my patron horror host, Svengoolie, had just made his way to the airwaves of Gore’s Washington DC but he was very pleasant. Of course the next morning he did hurl a rubber chicken at me when I got up onstage to  induct Sven into The Horror Host Hall of Fame but that’s for a later story.

6With Count Gore De Vol

I checked out some of the vendor tables and was happy to see Asia & Ander’s Erikson whom I’d last seen in Massachusetts in October 2011. Asia is the talented creator of Werepuppies whom David covered HERE.  One of the pups featured in that story has made its way onto the set of Svengoolie who brings him out every time he airs a werewolf film. Asia thanked me for that saying how so many people bring up Sven now when they see her. This year she unveiled some new creations including a creature from Subspecies which she hopes will be utilized in upcoming films.

 8 Asia Eriksen & her Subspecies creation!

9Anders and Asia Eriksen


I also ran across a able featuring the puppets from Puppetmaster!


While there was lots to see, it’s always the fans and their costumes that really kick things up a notch!

Coming up next….The Costumes of Horrorhound Weekend!

Dave Fuentes~

9 thoughts on “2013 Horrorhound Weekend Part 1: That Crazy Opening Night!

  1. Aw, I would’ve freaked out over those Puppetmaster dolls! Looking forward to further tales of the weekend, wish I would’ve been there!

  2. Can you tell me something about the green customized sedan sitting in the parking lot in the first photo? It looks to be a drag racing car of some sort. Was this car in a movie? As a hot rod fan I really like the looks of it, from what I can see. Great site by the way.

    • Thanks for the comments, Eric! I wish I could help you with the car stuff but I have no info on them. They were just out there for sans to take a look at.

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