Halloween Zoo Scares at Brookfield Zoo’s “Creatures of the Night!”


While I was enjoying clear skies and all the wonderful pumpkins at the other Dave’s “Roger Williams Park Zoo” in Rhode Island (covered a few posts back), my poor Brookfield Zoo in Chicago was getting nailed with heavy rains and tornado alerts! Its the dilemma of any Midwest zoo….dealing with the unpredictable weather! Fortunately, the tempest had cleared by the time I returned to my Windy City and the following weekend proved perfect for enjoying BZ’s “Creatures of the Night!”


Unlike David’s zoo which runs its event daily for the entire month of October onto early November, Brookfield relegated its festivities for only three weekends leading into Halloween. During the day on Saturdays and Sundays, they’d offer “Boo at the Zoo” – where kids are encouraged to show up in costume and can enjoy a hayride, costume contest, or a spin on the zoo’s haunted Carousel.

Starting in 2009, the zoo added their night-time “Creatures of the Night” and I couldn’t be happier about it. While still considered “family-friendly,” this feature does offer more adult recreational activities than its daytime companion. It also meant my family an I need never out-grow spooky zoo events! And, utilizing much of their 216 acres, there’s certainly LOTS to do for everyone! This includes a Haunted Tram ride, Trail of Terror, a pumpkin execution, laser show, pumpkin carving & dancing, as well as a view of giant insects!

img_0387Guests watch laser show on the front of The Swamp exhibit!

Giant Japanese Hornet at night!

As the last days of their “X-Treme Bugs” exhibit (covered HERE) drew near, the zoo capitalized on their presence by incorporating an insect theme for their “Trail of Terror.” Visitors entered a quarantine zone where scientifically altered bugs had infected the locals.

img_9982Enter the quarantine zone…

On the weekend of October 19th, I’d be there to experience all three days and from different points of view; a reporting Terror Dave (Friday), a daddy visiting with his kids (Saturday), and a volunteer infected prisoner in “The Trail of Terror” that Sunday. I’ll delve into that soon.

Here are some more scenes from the zoo…

img_0677The zoo ain’t wrong…TWILIGHT definitely BITES!

img_0209Halloween Mold-a-Ramas at night!

img_0213Wax Tiki Man!

img_0563Outdoor Independent films shown throughout each night


More detailed posts on “Creatures” coming  soon including a visit from Svengoolie!

Dave Fuentes~

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