Be at the Height of Halloween Fashion with MANI-YAK MONSTERS!

Our blog was scarcely a month old when we had the honor of featuring the work of Jeff Carlson. I knew who he was years before having been a member of the Svengoolie YAHOO group. Jeff had generously shared his talents to the group by showcasing some of his original art featuring the now National Horror Host. I am happy to say that we will be showing some of them in an upcoming post. For now, we’d like to once again point your attention to some of his amazing shirt designs for sale on his RobotMonkeyPirate site! Check them out…

I have to say, we Daves LOVE these designs! In many ways its like wearing a cover of those old “Famous Monsters of Filmland” magazines…back when they were cool!

There’s even something for lady monster fans…

Horror Hosts are also represented in Jeff’s designs…

Classic monster fans will love his full body beasts…

MANI-YAK MONSTERS also features buttons to give your Fall jackets are monster touch…

Be sure to check out Jeff’s website for even more designs and order your shirts today! Simply click HERE to begin your journey on the monster runway!

Dave Fuentes~


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